1 Year Cancer Free Badge!

Friday, March 28, 2014 I went to the Urologist for my 3 Month Cystoscopy appointment. My bladder showed no signs of cancer!

Since I tested cancer free for one full year in a row; that means I will not have to get tested again for 6 Months (as opposed to the 3 Month cycle I have been on).

If after the next two 6 Month tests I show cancer free then I’ll be on the 1 Year testing cycle. If at any time I show cancer has returned then I get thrown back down to the 3 Month testing cycle and I’ll have to have the genetically modified Tuberculosis¬†injections directly into my bladder through my urethra (not a fun thing since I believe they will be weekly and I forget for how long they would be done for).

Shannon and I went to Village Inn for brunch afterwards as a celebration ~ it was awesome!

9 Months Badge

Today I went to the Urologist and had a three month Cystoscopy check up. I came through with no cancer so this makes 9 month cancer free. I go back in three months and if that is also cancer free then I start my twice a year check ups.

This is the best Christmas present ever!

3 Month Cystoscopy Results

Today I had my three month Cystoscopy performed and it was all clear – no cancer. So this makes 6 Months cancer free. Todays visit was really fast. The nurse put the numbing agent in me and in only a couple of minutes (under five) the doctor came in and shoved the scope in me. I was a little worried it was too soon since all the other visits it took about 20 minutes before I saw the doctor. They told me the longer wait times was just a sign of their unorganized office; it only takes a couple of minutes to numb – LOL.

I go back in another three months for my next Cystoscopy and that will be on December 6th, 2013.

Yea! Shannon and I are both so relieved with the results. Thanks for all the prays and concerns!

6 Month CT Scan Results

I had a 6 month CT Scan done on Friday, June 21, 2013. I had to call and get the results (on Friday, June 28) because one week had passed and I still had not heard from my doctor.

The results are “all clear” for my left kidney and ureter. I still have the birth defect of an enlarged left ureter and that won’t go away but every 6 months I’ll have to have a CT Scan to make sure everything is okay and no cancer has snuck in there and started a new home.

My next¬†Cystoscopy will be Friday, September 13, 2013. I’m going for two in a row of “cancer free” and making it 6 month cancer free as well! Again for the first year after any cancer removal I will have a Cystoscopy performed every 3 months. Then twice a year, followed by once a year for the rest of my life. Goodie for me!

CT Scan of Left Kidney

This morning at 10:30am I had a CT Scan performed on my left kidney. They will be doing these every 6 months to make sure cancer doesn’t get started up in there since I have an abnormally large ureter that leads to the left kidney allowing for cancer to flow up into the kidney. Continue reading