Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! Should be a good day for Easter Egg hunts! Beautiful sunny 72 degrees.

I took Monday off so this is kind of a vacation weekend! Shannon has Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off so we put this weekend to good use.

We did a lot of work in the yard Saturday. There were a couple of plants that needed to be transplanted to a better, more permanent location and a couple of plants that we bought and needed to get into the ground.

We put vining red roses next to the Arbor. We planted ivy next to the fence to cover the neighbors junk heap. We transplanted a vining flower plant to a trellis next to the side of the house.

I was tired at the end of the day and we didn’t do that much. I’m just too overweight for all the work. Jaki was pooped from being outside so long and so much activity to keep track of.

Here we are soaking the roses before planting.

Holes have been dug for the roses next to the Arbor.

Shannon working in the yard.

Trellis on side of house.

The Arbor.

The rose holes by the Arbor.


Me working on the holes for the ivy with Jaki guarding the area.

The planted roses next to the Arbor.

Today we are to pull up the bulbs in the front flower beds and put them in the basement till next year. We are also going to get flat rocks to build up the walls of the front flower beds.

Very Early Edition

Look at the time I am posting this. I’m not up late – I’m up early for work again. So far this week it has been a 5:00 AM work start time.

I go to bed at 7:00 PM for this.