Here’s the plan

Okay so I don’t have the type of bladder cancer that is wildly spreading. However I do have the type that loves to come back again and again. So the plan is to provide an environment that bladder cancer doesn’t like… an alkaline one. In addition to an alkaline environment, I need to improve my immune system as much as possible. Continue reading

Shannon’s home cookin’


I get treated to some of Shannon’s crock pot cooking for lunch!

Roast with potatoes, white carrots, and cabbage. Yum!

Yes, it’s all organic!

Happy Birthday Mom!

There are a lot of people having birthdays at the end of July!

Today is my Mom’s birthday, Monday was my neices, Saturday is a co-workers birthday, then Sunday is Shannon’s.

Happy Birthday everyone!

Where you can find me every weekend


Shannon and I go to While Goods every weekend and end up spending a lot of money!

I love the store but sometimes the prices are a bit much.  Eversince we started this organic diet we have been spending a lot more on groceries.

The diet is working for both of us so we aint going to stop anytime soon!

Weekend of clothing

I spent about four hours Saturday and then an additional five hours on Sunday cleaning the basement of piles and piles of clothing. Some clean, most were wet and dirty. All in preparation for a new-used treadmill that a co-worker gave us Saturday morning. It’s still in the back end of my Honda Element but as soon as Shannon gets out of the bath we are “suppose” to move it into the house… then days or weeks later – move it downstairs where it will reside with the other unused equipment.

Here’s a short movie all about the fun (5:33).

Sorry it’s a little blurry at times and I almost dropped the camera once… but other than that its a little dark – a basement you know.