Canning of Flor Essence

I got my canning of the Flor Essence done so I’ll be set for another couple of weeks. It’s far cheaper to use the dry packets and make your own tea rather than buy the jars of pre-made tea. One dry packet of Flor Essence makes two Pint jars (2 cups or 16 ounces per jar). Continue reading

Hummus Recipe

Here is a recipe for Hummus I put together after researching on the internet. It’s quick and easy but does require a food processor or blender (works best in a food processor – even better than a Vitamix which did not turn out as well). Continue reading

Mediterranean Kale Salad

This is a nice way to get Kale into your diet. The process of rolling and chopping it finely then rubbing it around and squishing it between your hands with the oil and lemon juice helps break it down so it is not so tough. Continue reading

Flax Oil & Cottage Cheese Recipe

I eat this every morning as a breakfast. It looks a little weird at first but tastes pretty good once you get use to it. I change it up with different fruit.

This recipe comes from the Budwig diet. Developed by Dr. Johanna Budwig for fighting cancer. Here is a little about Dr. Johanna Budwig. Continue reading