I’m in love with Toki Tori

Toki Tori is a Wii Ware game available for the Wii. I downloaded it over the weekend and have been playing everyday. It is fun, challenging and good for my old brain. Basically, Toki Tori is a puzzle/platform game in which the players use a variety of items such as Telewarp, InstantRock and Slug Sucker. Clever use and combinations of these items is needed to solve all the game’s levels, of which there are more than 70. These levels range from easy to brainteasingly hard.

With all this rain, the garden is growing like crazy and so are my upside-down tomato plants!

I finally broke the 200 pound mark. This week I weighed in at 199 which also makes my 20 pound loss mark as well. I am now about half way (ugh)!

Getting caught up…

My Topsy Turvy Tomato plants are really growing with all the rain we’ve had this past week. The gardens are really enjoying the rain as well.

I got the Wii Fit and have been using it every day. It is a good work out for a person like me (totally out of shape). The Yoga and Strength exercises are really making my thighs work! I can feel it and then some! I have really good balance and posture (at least that’s what my Wii Fit Instructor keeps saying) I just need to work on my core so I have better balance. I tend to sway when the exercise requires me to balance on one foot. I just need to build up the muscles in my feet. I use to have fairly strong feet in college but that was over 25 years ago (I AM SO VERY OLD! – sigh).

Jaki is loving the backyard. She runs around out there whenever we are working on the gardens and stuff. We don’t leave her back there unattended because there are some VERY big dogs that could (and have) jumped our fence and would easily think she is dinner.

Shannon put a lot of time into our gardens and it shows! I will take some pictures and post in the next week!

I used Mr Clean on the floors yesterday and I am very impressed! I use to use Pine Sol and thought it was good but we used it all up and I happen to have some Mr Clean left over from apartment days (over 5 years ago) so I used it instead. The floors have never been so clean, shiny, and feel great on the ol’ bare feet! The Pine Sol would tend to leave the floors sticky if you got the ratio off on water to product.

I had a great concoction last night. I wanted a smoothie and I didn’t have all the ingredients to make a Weight Watchers recipe so I made one up base on it. It was like a shake and kind of like sorbet. Very good and I ate the whole thing (I need to make a smaller batch next time!). Here is the recipe and it is very easy and simple.

1 package of Sugar Free – Fat Free Instant Vanilla Pudding & Pie Filling mix
16 oz package of whole frozen Strawberries
2 Cups Skim Milk

This makes 2 rather large servings or 4 one and a half cup servings (I went with one humungous serving!).

In a blender, put the milk, Vanilla Pudding & Pie Filling powder mix, and frozen strawberries; blend on high (scrapping down the sides often) till nice and smooth. This will thicken as it sets because of the Vanilla mix. It’s part of the Core plan for me so I don’t know how many points it would be for the Flex people.

It was so good – I thought I was cheating! I also bought a Chocolate Fudge Pudding & Pie Filling mix and can’t wait to try that one out!

Work has been very slow which is very unusual. We are normally doing over time because of the political season and the Memorial Day holiday – but we are not. We barely have work to keep us busy during the work day! I hope things pick up a little bit more as we get closer to election day!

I downloaded a free demo of DS Crosswords and it was a lot of fun. Made me think about spelling (which I’m horrible at) and wasn’t too hard to make me feel discouraged. It’s a cheap game too… only $20! That is unusual! I think I may pick it up – I need to keep this old brain a thinking and a little practice at spelling words correctly wouldn’t hurt either!

Too cool for words!

I can’t wait till May 21, 2008 when Nintendo releases their Wii Fit (Balance Board) for the Wii Console! It is way too cool! It truly is taking a gaming device that was already very physically active and making it a piece of exercise equipment wrapped up in a gaming environment.

The Wii Fit has a bunch of activities included. I think the best feature for me will be the BMI; it will really help along with my Weight Watchers. It has: Strength Training, Aerobics, Yoga, and Balance Games (which looks like the most fun!). I’m looking forward to the Aerobics though. I always wanted to take an aerobics class at the gym but never had the time or they classes where at the wrong times for me to take them. This way I’d be able to take an aerobics class any time I wanted.

Wii Fit Wii Fit Wii Fit Wii Fit Wii Fit

Also in the Nintendo news is Wii Mario Kart released… today! Yea! I’ve been waiting for this for about a year now. It also looks extremely fun! Wii Fit

Taxes done and it’s not even February!

I got my W2 from work on Friday and also got TurboTax Home & Business 2007 in the mail the same day. So Friday night I dug deep into the tax information and completed it by 10:00 PM. I got all my SadlerDesign stuff organized and all the tax stuff together so I’m good for another year now.

I thought that doing my taxes myself rather than using a “tax guy” like I have in the past three years I would save money. Well I think it cost the same amount! I was very disappointed! I think next year I will do the TurboTax Online version rather than the desktop CD version that I did this year. I think they give you a discount on the e-filing which is were I got burned since I have to do two States and one Federal (I work in Kansas but live in Missouri – makes tax time a little confusing).

I took Jaki to get her toe nails trimmed on Wednesday and on the way home I stopped for some fast food and in the drive through she decided it would be cute to do a flip while in the front seat (and I was trying to restrain her from the food). So later that night when Shannon got off work and she stepped out from her heated kennel/bed she yelped three times in a half hour. Luckily I have some of her back pain pills left over from the last occurrence (which was back in October of 2006). She is doing fine now. Luckily we got her the pain pills quickly before too much inflammation caused more pain and a longer healing time. Poor little thing! She just doesn’t understand she can’t go crazy and stuff like she did when she was young and without a back injury.

I got my Tags in the mail today so I will have legal plates to drive with before they expire in February. I was kind of cutting it close to the deadline with mailing them to me and all. Whew!

I cleaned up the office this morning and it feels so much better. It was becoming a cluster of piles. Pile here, pile there. Another pile on top of another pile, etc. I guess doing the taxes kind of brought out the cleaning spree. I had to dig to find things and that is just not cool!

I finally got my Birthday present from Shannon – The Wii Zapper! It actually came last Friday but I just was too tired all week to post a blog article so I’m just getting to it now. It is really cool and fun. I think I’ll go play some right now!

Turkey Leftovers (yum!)

Jaki and I made the trip up to Omaha on Thursday morning. I got up like I was going to work (so that would be getting up at 4:30 AM) and then left the house at 6:00 AM so we would arrive in Omaha at 9:00 AM. It was a nice ride up although most of it was in the dark. Jaki behaved the entire way up. Shannon stayed in Raytown and didn’t go home to see his folks. He actually had to go into work on Friday. The drive back from Omaha, Jaki slept the entire way!

I took some pictures and was gonna upload them to the blog but my camera card (brand new) is acting up. I get a camera card error when I turn the camera on. So the pictures sit on the “maybe” damaged camera card in the camera. I’m gonna let it sit a bit and try again. I didn’t take many pictures but still — some of them where pretty good. The camera card is a Polaroid brand so it isn’t some knock off cheappy thing. Maybe the trip back in the car shook it up a bit. I may give my card to someone with a card reader to see if they get the same message or not. It could be the camera or the card I have to figure out which.

I finally found a new phone from Verizon that I liked. Shannon and I actually spontaneously stopped in a Verizon store in Lee’s Summit the weekend before Thanksgiving and saw phones we both liked. Shannon is getting the Samsung Juke and I am getting the LG Chocolate (new updated version). I thought I would like the Juke as well but once I got to the store and held it in my hands — it was great except for the text on that little screen was so small I couldn’t read it easily with these old eyes. So I had to start looking around to see what other phones were new. That’s when I saw the new version of the LG Chocolate. They changed up the interface and added a dial (just like on the Juke) to scroll through selections and it is very much like the iPod interface actually. The LG Chocolate has nice big text on its display for my tired ol’ eyes! Shannon and I decided to wait and get them the weekend after Thanksgiving because they just might go on sale and we weren’t in any hurry since they would cost a lot of money if we got them right then. Mine would have been an extra $30 and Shannon’s would have been $100. I have a new every two plan and as long as the phone is $99, I get it free and the LG Chocolate was $129 — so I would have to pay the extra amount over the $99. Shannon doesn’t have the new every two so the Juke was just the price of the phone.

On Thanksgiving night after my relatives left, Mom and I were in the kitchen waiting for the turkey carcass to cool so we could pick the meat off to use in Turkey Noodle Soup. We were looking through the Friday Sale Ads and that’s when I saw the ad for Verizon and both Shannon’s and my phones were on sale. My LG Chocolate was on sale for $99 (which makes it free for me) and Shannon’s Juke was on sale for $79! So I got online Friday morning and bought them through the Verizon Wireless web site, because the sale was only good through the 26 of November and I wasn’t about to battle the stores to get the darn phones! Their web site was getting hit hard — it was very slow on Friday morning. I guess a lot of other people had the same plan! The phones will ship in 2 business days so I should see them on Monday or Tuesday. It is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday by 7:00 PM.

I took my Wii up to Omaha so my folks could check it out. My Dad could not figure out how the thing works and didn’t know they made such a thing. He is 87 going on 88 so it’s a little beyond his comprehension right now. Mom thought it was pretty fun. She played 27 holes of Golf and played several games of Bowling. I just watched her play Golf because she is much better than me and it was more fun to watch. We played each other in Bowling. I think we tied in the end. My nephews played a little with it but not much. I have determined I don’t like Super Mario Party for Wii. The mini games a kind of fun but the game play (going through the board game style part) is just plain boring. You just watch the game play itself most of the time waiting to hit A button and read a bunch of crap. The most fun was the free games that came with the Wii. Boxing was fun with my nephew Joe. I was getting pounded in the beginning then in the end he was getting pounded!

Since I don’t like Super Mario Party I’m leery about getting “Rayman: Raving Rabbids 2” since I think it has turned more into a Party game then a platform game. I think it will be a rent before I buy. At least I’m enjoying Super Mario Galaxy! I don’t have a lot of time to play it but when I do it is fantastic to watch and fun to play.

Over all it was a great Thanksgiving. The food was fantastic and I still have plenty of leftovers. I will be making Turkey Noodle Soup today with my Mom’s home made egg noodles and the broth and turkey meat we got off the carcass. It has become a tradition for Mom and me to sit on Thanksgiving evening and pick the bones for meat after boiling them for an hour. Its fun and I enjoy it a lot. We talk, pick meat and get our hands all greasy! In a couple weeks I’ll be driving back up for Xmas. I have a few more gifts to buy and then I’m done.