More weight loss with updated Before and After Photo

I figured that after I got my appetite back and with a cheat meal on Saturday scheduled; I would put some weight back on and slow the progress of loosing. Wrong. I am at the lowest weight I have been in years (about 20 years)! I weighed in at 185.4 this morning so I had Shannon take my photo for an updated Before and After. Continue reading

Easiest Surgery So Far!

Today was my surgery to remove the polyp that was found on the last Cystoscopy visit. I was in and out very quickly and it was the easiest surgery so far! Continue reading

Fever and 188.2 pounds

Over the weekend I had a Medium Fever ranging from 99.4 to 100.8 which started Saturday morning. I wasn’t able to take my temperature until 5:00pm and that was the highest reading of 100.8. Continue reading

3 Month Cystoscopy Check Up

Well, it wasn’t as bad as the first one but it still wasn’t a walk in the park either. Since I was healed up down there; it helped a lot. The first time through this I was still in the process of healing so it was quite painful! Continue reading

192.4 and Lentils

Well, I found out the hard way that my system just does not like Lentils. Lentils are on my good list of foods I should eat on my Bladder Cancer diet. I was so excited to find a canned lentils soup that had no added salt and all the ingredients where on the good list. I heated up the lentil soup for my Sunday night dinner. Just an hour after eating the lentil soup I started to experience some odd digestive problems.

I began burping with just about every breath. I was a little worried I would not be able to go to bed in another hour. The burping finally subsided about a half an hour after my bed time. Continue reading