Happy Joy Joy

I finally got my iPod Touch to go Wi-Fi at home. I was about to take the Wireless Router to work to see if they could update the firmware. I had tried two different Mac computers using Safari and FireFox and they would just hang while updating the firmware on the router. As a last chance effort I thought I would try my Windows XP on the Parallels on my iMac. First I tried FireFox and got the same hang problem, then on to Internet Explorer and it took the firmware update! I was shocked! I tested the iPod and it had a strong signal and worked! Yea!

We also got ALL the leaves picked up yesterday! I am tired and sore today but it got done! And of course this morning there are more leave on the ground but at least we got the bulk of them up and the trees don’t have much left on them.

Super Mario Galaxy rocks!

I FINALLY got to play my Super Mario Galaxy Thursday night and it has the best graphics of all the games I own so far. Which all the games I have up to now have been the sports and party games which rely more on the event rather than the special effects.

I’ve only had enough time to play the first world on Thursday and get to the end of the second world (where I keep dying trying to fight the big plant monster thingy – darn slow old age reflexes!).

I’ve been too busy trying to get my home Wi-Fi wiped into shape. I can connect everything except for my iPod Touch. I did some digging and found the router has never been updated. I am unable to update it as well – it just spins and says updating for hours and never does it. The “Check for updates automatically” is grayed out along with the “check now” button – which makes me think there is something very wrong with it. There have been 11 (eleven!) updates from my current version! I have tried downloading the most current and also the one just above my version – no joy! I spent all day on it yesterday and all Friday night on the darn thing. I am exhausted and at the same point I was a week ago!

I think I’ll take it into work and have the IT staff fiddle with it. All I want is for it to update to the current version of firmware. Then maybe (just maybe) my iPod Touch will find the Wi-Fi connection and then there will be joy!

On a brighter note. Leopard OS X 10.5 is super cool! I finally implemented Time Machine Friday night and it is so cool and will help out if I ever delete something I should not have.

Today will be spent in the yard with the leaves. I also need to see if I can get the xmas lights up today. Lots to do and it ain’t gonna be in front of the computer today!

An Apple a day…

Lately, Apple has been doing some really cool things! They’ve come out with a MacBook which is awesome and I hope to get one next year to replace my current setup (which is very old in computer standards=2001 purchase). Although the MacBook Pro would probably be the better choice for me with it’s 17″ display and auto sensing keyboard back light. As the light in the room dims the light under the keys grows stronger – very cool!

5thAvenueStore.gifThen there is the fantastic looking 24 hour Apple Store in New York that recently opened up. My friend Alston lives in New York and went to the opening. He sent me some pictures he took going through the store and it is just packed with people! It looks really cool at night all lit up.

NikePlusiPod.gifAn upcoming cool product is a joint adventure with Nike. It is really cool (I would never use it because I am definitely not a runner)! Basically with Nike’s running shoes, Apples iPod Nano, and this little sensor in your shoe soles and it’s accompanying transmitter plugged into your Nano you get a workout trainer and feed back while working out!!! Check out the Nike+ site and watch the advertisement video – it explains it all! Technology is just getting really cool!

I have an extra long weekend ahead. I have Monday off for Memorial Day and a vacation day on Tuesday. I’m calling this a mini vacation to no where. I have absolutely no money so it kind of sucks but I will try to make it a good break from work.

Valentine’s Day came early this year.

Shannon has to work the evening of February 14th so we decided to have Valentine’s Day on his day off and a little early this year. We celebrated Valentine’s Day on Friday February 10.

I kind of went a little over what I had planned to buy but it just kind of happened. I bought Shannon a $25 iTunes gift card so he can fill up his iPod Shuffle he got for Christmas. Right now he only has about 50 songs on the poor thing. At 99 cents per song he’ll be able to fill it up and have extras! I gave him an adaptor for his car to play the Shuffle through the car radio but it doesn’t work on his stereo. When you put the cassette adaptor in it thinks it should “clean” the cassette heads – instead of playing music through. So I bought Shannon a new FM transmitter adaptor – we’ll see if it works better. Plus I gave his a nice card. Last year we gave each other the exact same card – weird! I also gave him a sugar free box of candies (they fit into his diet).

Shannon went way over what I spent. He got me this:

I love it! He did an excellent job picking out a ring that I would like. I told him I was picky about rings. I don’t like gold jewelry and we had talked a lot about what would work and what wouldn’t. It’s for my right hand ring finger. It is white gold and has three real diamonds in it. Shannon says this is a temporary ring until we can afford to get better ones for each other. It’s kind of a promise ring. Shannon doesn’t have a ring for himself yet. We’ll have to get one for Shannon that could withstand a lot. His job would destroy it – working on cars.

Plus Shannon got me a great card and to top it all off – two Cadbury Eggs!! He knows I go crazy for them and somehow got some before the season even starts.

We exchanged gifts and cards then went to eat at Jess and Jim’s in Martin City, Missouri. It’s an old stake house that has great food. We both cheated on our diets and had way too much food. It was delicious! When we got home we both had a chocolate desert! I had a Cadbury Egg and Shannon had a sugar free chocolate!

This was the best Valentine’s Day so far!

Holiday Crunch

Well the holidays are winding down along with the clock to the New Year.

I had a nice trip to see my folks in Omaha, Nebraska. Jaki did exceptionally well on the trip up and back down. I have discovered the road noise along with the accompanying loud music makes her crazy during the trips. So now I use my iPods ear buds to listen to the music and she has a pleasant trip (along with me).

I got really nice gifts from my folks and brother. I am going to try and break the cycle of “no money” around the end of the year so I can buy my family and friends gifts in 2006!!! It will be a struggle but I need for it to happen. I always feel lousy not giving gifts.

I did manage to get Shannon a gift. I was able to afford a refurbished iPod Shuffle. He listens to music non stop while working and really needed a good MP3 player. I probably shouldn’t have spent it but I just felt I had to. He really liked it and had pretty much guessed what it was before opening it. (that jerk! LOL)

I hope to spend my Birthday money from my folks on a new (replacement) mattress set later in January. I bought the set I have from CostCo and the mattress has coil springs sticking out of the sides! It has a 10 year warranty so I have to lug it back to the store to get it exchanged for a new one. However I will be short money because I got it on sale so I will have to use my Birthday money to cover the difference.

Shannon, and a couple of friends of mine are going out for Happy Hour and Dinner tonight. It will be nice. We never get out and do things lately because of the money and different work schedules.

Happy New Year everyone!