Okay time to get organized!

I will be getting organized and working on a new web site project today for Monarch View Property Owners Association. I’ve already put a lot of preliminary work into it but today it “make it work” day. I’ll be putting a test page up on a secure area of my web space and getting layout details hammered out. I’m excited and looking forward to it. I’m such a geek!

I got my car washed yesterday (for it to downpour today) and as soon as I pulled away from the car wash area my fan in the dash board stopped blowing out of the vents. It’s working, I can hear it blowing away in the dash area… just not coming out of the vents. So I’ll have Honda look at it hopefully Tuesday. It’s time for a oil change anyway and I’m due for my 15,000 mile stuff. Might as well get it all taken care of now. I’m sure the dashboard/fan work will be covered by my warranty so I’m not too worried about cost.

I got my check from the Credit Union Xmas Fund. I’ve also already bought my first Xmas gifts (for co-workers). So I’ve checked them off the list.

It’s getting close to the release of Apple’s OS 10.5! I need to get an external Hard Drive so I can make backups! I have one already in use by my old computer and could pull it over to the new one except it is way too small and would not hold all the content of the new computer. So I might as well get one that will surpass the new computers hard drive space.

Work is going well. Our over time is finally letting up. I took off a half day on Friday just to get some errands done. First stop was Velvet Creme Popcorn. Oh my God is there popcorn good. A co-worker brought some in for a birthday celebration and I could not get enough of it. I bought some Cheese Popcorn (for me) and some Cinnamon Popcorn (for Shannon) plus two popcorn balls. Then I came home and cut my hair (finally) and by the time I was done with that Shannon was home from his running around.

We went to eat at Longhorn Steak House. Everything I ate was fried! UGH! I gained three pounds this past week!

Okay! I’m freaking out with all the thunder and rain coming down! Here I sit at the nice new computer and it could be taken out at any second with a lightning bolt! But I have to get some work done today and they say the rain won’t stop till late afternoon. There goes another lightning bolt! Save, save, save! We have flash flood warnings all over the place now!

I’m looking for a new digital camera. The one I have is very old, chunky, and extremely slow shutter speed. You have to take the picture then stay there in that position for a few seconds longer without moving so you give the camera time to take the image and save it. The one I want is a Fuji FinePix F50 fd in Black! Everyone has the Silver but not the Black. Well, okay, I could get it from the UK or Japan in Black but come on! I’ll keep looking and maybe a show around here will order one for me.

A rock and a favor

Here’s an update to the “new chip” in my windshield I got on the way to work Thursday. I called AAA and they said they no longer waive the deductible for chips. So I quickly called Santa Fe Glass (the ones that put a new windshield in on Wednesday) and told them the story and they were very kind enough to fix the new chip for free (since they just put the new windshield in the previous day and it wasn’t even 24 hours old).

So after work Thursday I drove to Santa Fe Glass in Lenexa and just had to wait about a half hour for my turn and it only took them about 10 minutes to patch the chip area. It will still be “visible” but it won’t spread into an expensive crack.

I think rocks are attracted to me.

Another rock!

I can not believe my luck! I was driving to work at 5:50 AM this morning and another stupid rock wacked my windshield! I got out and looked at the windshield when I got to work and yep, two nice chips on the same side as the crack was. I am so mad. I just had the darn windshield replaced yesterday! So I have to call AAA again and report a chip (hopefully before it becomes another crack like the previous did).

I just don’t believe it!

$50 buck windshield

I now have a nice clean (crack free) windshield for my Honda Element. Which I just turned over 10,000 miles today. I’m glad I was able to get it repaired with little cost to me ($50.00) and use my Attendance points from work to pay the rest. I’m very tight on money since the drain backed up earlier this month.

Day before repair

I have to get my “almost new” Honda Element’s front window replaced tomorrow. A rock on the highway popped up and made a tiny little chip – which through the rising and dropping of the temperature made a nice big crack on the passenger side of the front window.

I called AAA and made the arrangements and a window service will be picking up my car while I’m at work and taking it to their shop to replace the window and then letting the seals cure for a couple of hours before returning it to the parking lot at work.

I have to pay a deductible of $250.00 and someone at work suggested that I use my Attendance Award money (in the form of points). I asked our Human Resources person if it would be possible to use point money for the repair and she said it would work. The only problem is that my job will pay the $250.00 via their credit card and then I pay my employer $50.00. The points money can only be used in $100.00 increments and they couldn’t work it out any other way. Hey, I’m happy paying $50.00 in place of the $250.00 that I don’t have!

The only thing I worry about is the glass repair person driving my car from our company parking lot to their shop and then back. My poor new-ish car. I have to not think about it too much.