Record low: 181.6 pounds today

This morning I weighed in at just 181.6 pounds. That makes my total loss of weight at 30.4 pounds! I originally weighed 212 pounds on November 9, 2012. Soon I’ll be at my goal weight of 180 pounds. I can hardly believe it at times. I do think my goal weight is going to change to 175 pounds though. Online it says for my height I should be 160 pounds but I think that might be a little bit much. We’ll see. I made a weight chart to show the progress up to date. Click on it to see it larger. Continue reading

Awesome 50th Birthday Card

As my 50th Birthday month comes to a close I thought I would share the most awesomeness birthday card I got from my Mom. She makes all her cards using several computer programs and she searches the internet for phrases, images and ideas.

I’m guessing this card didn’t require all the internet searching like her other cards usually do. What do you think? Continue reading

Apple Pie and Coffee Equals Heaven


I have said it before and I’ll say it again. Pure heaven.

Shannon’s home cookin’


I get treated to some of Shannon’s crock pot cooking for lunch!

Roast with potatoes, white carrots, and cabbage. Yum!

Yes, it’s all organic!

Something for Everybody

I just happened to stumble on the fact that DEVO has a new album out! I was shocked and very excited! I am a real DEVO fan. Was even in their fan club during college. Yes, I literally mean I am a fan!

Their new album “Something for Everybody” is awesome! If you get it from iTunes then you get 4 bonus songs for a total of 16 songs and one video of “Something for Everybody” – which I love as well – duh!

Here is a link to listen to the songs and buy the album if you like. Go do it! Hey, there’s something for everybody on this album.