Our house is looking a little Blue.

It took four hours Sunday but I got the blue xmas lights hung all the way around the roof line of the house. It was a pain in the knees and back doing it. I never spent so much time scooting around on my butt! Hook a light into the clip, slide the clip onto the roof, and scoot my butt to the next few lights, then repeat all the way around the house. I feel it today. My right knee is not happy with me today. I treated it to some Icy Hot this morning.

I also got our big lit wreath hung up on the side of the house in the middle of our peak. It’s on a timer so it will come on at 4:00 PM and go off in 8 hours – battery operated. We got two small wreaths hung in the back of the house and they are light sensitive so they are on dusk to dawn like the blue lights on the roof.

I had to replace 27 burned out lights on the blue strands. We used 7 strands of lights to go around the house roof line. I scavenged the “new lights” from an unused strand of lights we had in the basement. When I left the roof and walked around the house to make sure I got all the burned out bulbs replaced; all the lights were working. Wait for it….. About an hour later Shannon and I went out to eat and a whole strand was out! I think it’s a fuse on the actual plug for the strand so I’ll try that tonight and if that doesn’t fix it then I will have to replace the strand. It’s not because of a burned out bulb because these strands will work even if a bulb is missing from a socket. What a bummer! This morning I saw two more lights had burned out so I’ll need to pick up some extra bulbs too.

Shannon worked on the front and back yard and got all the leaves blown/mowed/picked up. Our yard is very pristine looking (for now).

Jaki spent her time in the house barking at me making all the strange noised on the roof. It was way too cold outside for her to spend any amount of time out there. It was in the 50’s but that is way too cold for her thin little frame and coat.

Added new Fall Garden Pictures and Jaki too!

It was a great day Sunday to work in the yard. Shannon mowed while I broke sticks into small 1 foot lengths (so they will fit into our cast iron Chiminea to burn them). Jaki enjoyed being outside so much and ate up the sun as much as possible. She was very exhausted later that evening and into the next morning. She was definitely walking like an “old lady” the next morning after she ate her food.

Shannon wrapped the garden “cross” with red Christmas lights so it’s ready for winter to hit. I still have to clean out the gutters and then put the blue “old time” Christmas lights up onto the gutters around the house. I’m kind of procrastinating on that job!

It was great to do stuff around the yard instead of running around town like I usually do on Shannon’s day off.

Enjoy the pictures! They are located under Photos (across the top of the web site) click on Fall Garden.

Creepy and cool walking stick

This little guy was perched on the side of the house next to the garage entrance. He is pretty good sized – about 8 inches long and well, pretty creepy looking.

I took the pictures and was a little freaked out because Shannon said the walking stick could sting me with it’s tail. I didn’t think they could hurt humans and don’t remember them hurting me when I was a little kid and found one – but then again I don’t have a great memory.

So Shannon freaked me out and made the picture taking a bit of a challenge to overcome a fear of getting stung by the little guy if I got too close. I used the micro mode on my little camera and the pictures came out great! It was overcast so I was afraid they would not look good.

Shannon’s freshly planted Fall Garden pics

Okay. It stopped raining enough that this morning I was able to run outside and take the pictures of Shannon’s Fall Garden. There was quite a bit of dew on the plants and the flash picked it up and made it look more like frost but it isn’t.

I was able to get a picture of our humming bird. It’s not the best because it’s shot through the kitchen windows screen but you get the idea.

Good thing I got the pics taken this morning because it’s raining now. We have had a ton of rain this week. Nothing damaging – just a nice gentle rain every day.

Rain and Humming Birds

I was going to take pictures of Shannon’s Fall Garden but it hasn’t stopped raining enough for me to do so.

I surprised Shannon with a Humming Bird Feeder. We have been wanting to get one for months now and Shannon has even seen a few fly around the back yard. I got one at the Ace Hardware Saturday and it was on sale. I put it on the kitchen window with a cool suction cup hanger that sticks right to the glass of the window. I went inside to see if it was in the correct spot and if I should move it up. While I stood there trying to decide if it should move up or over a humming bird flew right up and started in on the nectar! It wasn’t even up for 5 minutes yet!

It appears to be the same little female humming bird that is feeding. We will hopefully get more humming birds next Spring.

If it stops raining long enough for the sun to come out I’ll take pictures of Shannon’s Fall Garden. He got everything planted in two long beds and it only took him two days to do it.