Weekend of clothing

I spent about four hours Saturday and then an additional five hours on Sunday cleaning the basement of piles and piles of clothing. Some clean, most were wet and dirty. All in preparation for a new-used treadmill that a co-worker gave us Saturday morning. It’s still in the back end of my Honda Element but as soon as Shannon gets out of the bath we are “suppose” to move it into the house… then days or weeks later – move it downstairs where it will reside with the other unused equipment.

Here’s a short movie all about the fun (5:33).

Sorry it’s a little blurry at times and I almost dropped the camera once… but other than that its a little dark – a basement you know.

Happy Birthday to us!

Today I turn 43 and my Dad turns 86. I was born on my dad’s birthday! Happy Birthday Dad!!!

I got a great hand made card from my Mom and Dad (Mom did all the work I think), some cash from Mom and Dad (which I think went to bills rather than play), 8 red carnations and an Ab Lounge Pro from Shannon (and a wonderful card – not hand made). I’d have to say this birthday is great so far.

I went out to dinner with Shannon last night to Jerusalem Cafe and it was great. I ate way too much because it all tasted so good! Shannon hadn’t really been there before so he got this enormous “feast” and it really was enough food for two easily. He took home over half the food. He loved the place and can’t wait to go back!

Tonight I am going to dinner with my friend Jim. We’ll be going to a very nice (and kind of expensive) Italian restaurant – il truelio (spelling??) I haven’t been there in years and look forward to it. Shannon will be at work today so that is why we went out last night to dinner.

Weird thing – I ate a lot yesterday, I got on the scales this morning and it said 207 (so I lost 4 pounds overnight). For breakfast, Shannon and I went to Neighbor’s Cafe and I had a ton of food – chicken fried steak and two eggs, with hash browns, toast, and orange juice. This chicken fried steak took up half the plate it was huge (the size of my open hand) – and I ate it all. So it wasn’t like I ate well yesterday to loose the weight today. Very odd.

Hold on! I have a package at my door! Brother Bill and family sent me a package from Jaarsma Bakery! Wow, just in time for my Birthday too! It is a great assortment of their Dutch pastries! It looks something like this:

Good thing I’m in the first stage of my diet! Thanks Bill, Peggy, and Joe!!

Where have all the entries gone?

Well as you can see, I am not blogging much lately. Nor am I being a good little boy and making it to the gym. Financial troubles are heavy on my mind and pretty much through the gym stuff out the window for this week.

I have a horrible December money wise. I always have big bills due and never enough money. Usually I sell a week of my vacation in order to cover the expense but I have no more vacation left till the end of May 2006. So I’ve been doing a lot of chicken scratching to figure out how this will go down.

I’m getting some money from KC Free Health for ad that I did, but they are so slow in paying. They have a lot of red tape to go through before the money reaches my door. If I get that money before December I will squeak by, if not, I will have to borrow some to cover.

Oh and by the way, all the stress and not going to the gym has my weight up to 208 lbs. yeah! 🙁

Week of Food

Well, I blew it this week. I didn’t go to the gym once, I ate tons of Halloween candy, and I gorged on pizza.

Despite all that I weigh in at 205 lb this morning. Huh, kind of weird. Next week will be better for the gym part, I will work on the food part.

I had to do a lot of crap at work and that kind of stressed me out. We even had overtime (yep I was at work and working by 5:00 AM). A very special part broke on some equipment at work and they had to do all the work manually. Manually took much, much, much longer to do and everyone was helping the department out (as they got more and more buried). Luckily they got the part FedEX’d and the department quickly recovered.

However, that same overtime day I had to go to an off site workshop and take notes for three hours. I was very tired when I got home from work and barely kept my eyes open on the couch to watch some TV.

I also fell behind on my blogging. I didn’t really have much to say and I was kind of tired of computers.

It is definitely Fall around here. Tons of leaves on the ground. Shannon has raked twice and you would never guess it. The ground is just covered with pretty yellow/orange leaves. I guess I’ll go out side this afternoon and work on the backyard leaves, that should pretty much take up the entire afternoon!

A Day Late

I made it to the gym on Friday but it was a struggle. I was very tired but managed to do my usual workout. I weighed in at 204 lb. Today I weigh in at 203 lb. I was too tired last night to get online and write this blog so it’s a day late, but I did go and that is the important part.