Today is officially 183.4 pounds (28.6 pounds lost to date)

Yeah! Today I finally got to 183.4 pounds. I have been wavering around 185 for the past two weeks.

Tonight I get a bonus cheat meal because I’m going out to eat with my friend Jim. We haven’t caught up since January so it’s more than past time! We will be dinning at Sakura and eating off the sushi train! Continue reading

Happy Birthday Mom!

There are a lot of people having birthdays at the end of July!

Today is my Mom’s birthday, Monday was my neices, Saturday is a co-workers birthday, then Sunday is Shannon’s.

Happy Birthday everyone!

Work, work, work

I have been doing large amounts of work for my second job “SadlerDesign” over the past few months. I like doing the work because it’s more creative than my day job. I just don’t like all the time it eats up.

I basically work all day with a dinner break when I get home and work up to bed time. It gets old by the end of the week.

I am expanding my creative abilities from doing this work but I’m sure Shannon gets tired of my short temper.

You can see my portfolio at my business site:

With my new phone, I’m going to try and post more often (than zero like I have over the past months!).

Tony Manley | 1950 to 2009

In loving memory, I made this tribute to Tony Manley. I was commissioned to take photos of him before his 50th birthday and here are a few of those photos from around 1993-1995. Tony was working hard on his body by going to the gym and wanted to document his best efforts in photos. In a few of the photos; a co-worker of Tony’s wanted to photos taken as well; so they had a some taken together. They were just friends. Make no presumptions from the photos; they are simply art.

Tony’s viewing and burial was today. RIP Tony, we will miss you.

Any hateful, disrespectful, homophobic comments will be removed.

The music used in the video is “I Found U (Remode Mix)” by Axwell. I uploaded it to YouTube but they didn’t like the fact I used a purchased song from my iTunes library so it probably won’t be the same at all after they get through with it.

Happy Birthday Jim!

My friend Jim is 59 today and he doesn’t look a day over 40! Everyone join me in wishing him a day filled with friendship, food, and fun!