Work, work, work

I have been doing large amounts of work for my second job “SadlerDesign” over the past few months. I like doing the work because it’s more creative than my day job. I just don’t like all the time it eats up.

I basically work all day with a dinner break when I get home and work up to bed time. It gets old by the end of the week.

I am expanding my creative abilities from doing this work but I’m sure Shannon gets tired of my short temper.

You can see my portfolio at my business site:

With my new phone, I’m going to try and post more often (than zero like I have over the past months!).

Artistic Humor

I’m up to date (in Kansas City) – sort of.

Well, I went and upgraded the WordPress blogging software to 2.6 (the latest). I use a plug-in that does it “automatically” (with a lot of prompting but still – much easier than the manual way)! :razz:

I really like the changes they made to WordPress 2.6 but unfortunately they are only visible while in the administrative areas of the blog. It’s much easier to get around and everything looks sharp!

I’m trying out a few new plug-ins to see if I like them. The Who’s Online and Tags. I don’t know much about the Tags one so I’ll have to get use to using it.

I have been working hard on two other web sites so I have neglected the AtomicMrX Blog badly. One is a make over site and the other I’m just trying to incorporate the blogging software into it to make updates much easier to do (especially the photo albums!).

Work is starting to pick up as we approach the election. We will be doing a lot more overtime in the next few months. :shock:

What’s been going on?

Well, I’ve been busy and neglected the blogging. Sorry everyone!

Shannon is doing great on his diet. He has lost 35 pounds in a little over a month. My diet? not bad but nothing like the great looser Shannon (whoops, that doesn’t sound right). I have lost (in 7 weeks) 10.1 pounds. Not bad, and at least I’ve lost each week and haven’t gained (yet). I’m on Weight Watchers and Shannon is on a modified Atkins diet.

Last weekend was crazy busy on the computer. I spent the entire weekend working on a friends web site to finish it up. He had paid me some more money and I thought it was time I stopped dragging my feet and just dig in and get it done. Take a look at it if you want. Bense (the owner of the web site) did all of his own layouts for each page and I did the code/HTML to make it work online.

I changed doctors and went for a physical this past week. It had been almost 10 years since I had a good physical. I’ve gone to the doctor plenty of times – just not for a physical. Since I’m well over 40 I should have my prostate checked every year. I got that done and a ton of blood work. I have to get up every night at least 3 times to go to the bathroom and I have recently had a sudden outbreak of boils (fun! aint it?) both of which are warning signs of diabetes. So they will check that out and let me know. I just had the blood drawn this morning, since I forgot that is usually done during a physical and I ate the day of the physical.

Jaki is doing great. No more weird behavior that we could not explain (stroke? siezures?) and she is letting me work my finger around on her teeth in prep for teeth brushing!

Have a great Easter Weekend everyone!

A day of Hell (or IE sucks)

Saturday I spent the entire day (okay 80% of the day) trying to find out why Internet Explorer (IE) was breaking my layout. You can see it in the picture below; circled in red.

IE Problem

It worked fine in FireFox (XP, Vista, and Mac) and Safari (XP, Vista, and Mac); but once I tried Internet Explorer (XP and Vista) it broke the layout. I was going down the crazy train and it wasn’t stopping for nothing! Did I mention this page was a copy (with some slight modifications) of the Home page – which works fine. That is what was crazy; they both should have broke the layout.

I finally had to make a copy of my HTML page I had the break on and slowly pick it to death. I looked at both pages and tried to find what was different so I could delete the different parts, one by one, and upload the page and check to see if the problem was still there or if the last deleted part was the culprit. What fun we are having now!

Thanks goodness, I have Parallels so I can quickly check in Windows XP Home or Vista Ultimate to see if the problem was gone or still there. So right now on my Mac I have three OS’s: Mac 10.5 Leopard, Vista Ultimate, and XP Home. I can also boot up in Vista and get all the cool UI effects which are slightly diminished in Parallels but don’t hinder my web content checking abilities.

After about five deletions and uploads I found out that IE apparently doesn’t like Image Maps or the way Image Maps are created using Dreamweaver CS3. Once I deleted the image maps on the title the break across the top was gone. Now the tricky part. I can’t delete the Image Maps on all the little squares (the only other area using Image Maps) because that is the navigation for the larger detail on the right of them. Basically, click on a little thumbnail and get a larger image to the right.

I suppose there is an easy way to do this all in Flash to ovoid the Image Map and IE problem but I don’t know Flash very well.

To fix the small square Image Map; I just made the image of the squares twenty pixels smaller on the right and bottom so there was more room in the table for the image and apparently IE’s need for space.

What a headache! I feel like I didn’t get anything accomplished Saturday! Two web pages are completed – whoo hoo! Only seven more to go! Yippie! 🙄