Easter Dinner

Happy Easter everyone! Here is what I ate for my dinner: Airfried Panko Crusted Tilapia with Spicy Cheesy Quinoa.


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Record low: 181.6 pounds today

This morning I weighed in at just 181.6 pounds. That makes my total loss of weight at 30.4 pounds! I originally weighed 212 pounds on November 9, 2012. Soon I’ll be at my goal weight of 180 pounds. I can hardly believe it at times. I do think my goal weight is going to change to 175 pounds though. Online it says for my height I should be 160 pounds but I think that might be a little bit much. We’ll see. I made a weight chart to show the progress up to date. Click on it to see it larger. Continue reading

Today is officially 183.4 pounds (28.6 pounds lost to date)

Yeah! Today I finally got to 183.4 pounds. I have been wavering around 185 for the past two weeks.

Tonight I get a bonus cheat meal because I’m going out to eat with my friend Jim. We haven’t caught up since January so it’s more than past time! We will be dinning at Sakura and eating off the sushi train! Continue reading

192.4 and Lentils

Well, I found out the hard way that my system just does not like Lentils. Lentils are on my good list of foods I should eat on my Bladder Cancer diet. I was so excited to find a canned lentils soup that had no added salt and all the ingredients where on the good list. I heated up the lentil soup for my Sunday night dinner. Just an hour after eating the lentil soup I started to experience some odd digestive problems.

I began burping with just about every breath. I was a little worried I would not be able to go to bed in another hour. The burping finally subsided about a half an hour after my bed time. Continue reading

Canning of Flor Essence

I got my canning of the Flor Essence done so I’ll be set for another couple of weeks. It’s far cheaper to use the dry packets and make your own tea rather than buy the jars of pre-made tea. One dry packet of Flor Essence makes two Pint jars (2 cups or 16 ounces per jar). Continue reading