Awesome 50th Birthday Card

As my 50th Birthday month comes to a close I thought I would share the most awesomeness birthday card I got from my Mom. She makes all her cards using several computer programs and she searches the internet for phrases, images and ideas.

I’m guessing this card didn’t require all the internet searching like her other cards usually do. What do you think? Continue reading

Shannon’s home cookin’


I get treated to some of Shannon’s crock pot cooking for lunch!

Roast with potatoes, white carrots, and cabbage. Yum!

Yes, it’s all organic!

Happy Birthday Mom!

There are a lot of people having birthdays at the end of July!

Today is my Mom’s birthday, Monday was my neices, Saturday is a co-workers birthday, then Sunday is Shannon’s.

Happy Birthday everyone!

Where you can find me every weekend


Shannon and I go to While Goods every weekend and end up spending a lot of money!

I love the store but sometimes the prices are a bit much.  Eversince we started this organic diet we have been spending a lot more on groceries.

The diet is working for both of us so we aint going to stop anytime soon!

Work, work, work

I have been doing large amounts of work for my second job “SadlerDesign” over the past few months. I like doing the work because it’s more creative than my day job. I just don’t like all the time it eats up.

I basically work all day with a dinner break when I get home and work up to bed time. It gets old by the end of the week.

I am expanding my creative abilities from doing this work but I’m sure Shannon gets tired of my short temper.

You can see my portfolio at my business site:

With my new phone, I’m going to try and post more often (than zero like I have over the past months!).