Creepy and cool walking stick

This little guy was perched on the side of the house next to the garage entrance. He is pretty good sized – about 8 inches long and well, pretty creepy looking.

I took the pictures and was a little freaked out because Shannon said the walking stick could sting me with it’s tail. I didn’t think they could hurt humans and don’t remember them hurting me when I was a little kid and found one – but then again I don’t have a great memory.

So Shannon freaked me out and made the picture taking a bit of a challenge to overcome a fear of getting stung by the little guy if I got too close. I used the micro mode on my little camera and the pictures came out great! It was overcast so I was afraid they would not look good.

Bad card, bad!

Well, I since I couldn’t get my Polaroid SD 1GB card to work I thought it was best to try the card Fuji recommended (Fuji 1GB xD-Picture Card) and see if the problem was my Polaroid SD card or the camera. The new xD-Picture Card works; so that makes the old Polaroid SD card the problem. So now I’m gonna see if a co-worker can get the Polaroid SD card to work on one of their card readers at home. If not then I guess the pictures are lost for ever.

I bought the xD-Picture Card online at Best Buy and chose the store pick-up. I was afraid the traffic would be insane and lines everywhere but it wasn’t.

So since I didn’t take long at all I stopped over at Starbucks and got a Grande Vanilla Latte. Once I stepped inside I was greeted with the dreaded line! It was almost to the door, but I wanted my drink and was willing to wait for it. I wish the Wi-Fi at Starbucks was free but it’s not you have to subscribe to T-Mobile HotSpot wireless broadband Internet service (which is $6.00 for an hour – no contract, $9.99 for 24 hours – no contract, or $29.99 for one month with a year contract). I wouldn’t use it enough to warrant any of those options. I get coffee at Starbucks about once a month or less.