New Subscribe Button!

I’ve added a plugin that gives people the ability to subscribe to my blog so when I make a new post they get an email telling them so.

Just enter your email address in the Subscribe area on the right of my blog near the top. Hit the Subscribe button and then you will get an email with a link you need to click to confirm the subscription process. You can opt out at any time. I can’t see the subscription email list nor can I add (or remove) anyone to it due to the Double Opt-In process (I just described above).

So enter your email address and never miss another blog entry!

Awesome 50th Birthday Card

As my 50th Birthday month comes to a close I thought I would share the most awesomeness birthday card I got from my Mom. She makes all her cards using several computer programs and she searches the internet for phrases, images and ideas.

I’m guessing this card didn’t require all the internet searching like her other cards usually do. What do you think? Continue reading


Somehow I managed to create two of the exact same accounts on MyBlogLog. I’m not sure how I did it but, I did. Now I have an account that has a link to this blog but is not getting updated and another account that is all up to date but not linked here. So I have Twins!

I put in a support request and they asked me to write an assertion of my claim on my site and then send them the URL for verification of my ownership of the community.

Hopefully, all this will be cleared up and I’ll just have one account linked here and all updated and stuff.

Artistic Humor

Additions to the blog

DSCF0004.jpg I’ve added some cool stuff to the old blog. All the research for the other web sites is paying off because I’m finding some very helpful plugins for my own blog. I’ve added a very easy to use Photo Gallery tool. It is so easy to upload the pictures now and it make the thumbnails automatically. I’ll be uploading more photos now that it’s much easier to do. Plus you can still click on any of the photo thumbnails and it will open an enlarged version with the photos caption.

I’ve taken some Summer time pictures of the garden. We have herbs, herbs, and more herbs. You can only eat so much herbs and Shannon planted a bunch of them! Just go to the Photos tab at the top of the page and you will see the Album with all the Summer pictures.