Call Roto Rooter…

Well, this is becoming a yearly event. We had to call Roto Rooter this morning because after Shannon took his shower and went into the basement for his clothes he discovered the floor drain was flooded and created a nice eight foot pond. Roto Rooter showed up at 10:25 AM and left at 12:10 PM and it cost me $242.00. I don’t have extra money – I live paycheck to paycheck. So this is a horrible surprise.

Luckily in a week or two we have attendance awards at work and this will be my ninth year in a row with perfect attendance so I get $300.00 and 200 points (points are like cash). I was going to use that attendance money for getting new eye glasses but it is gone now on the Roto Rooter bill.

Maybe I’ll be able to use the income tax return money this year toward new eye glasses. I’ve had this same prescription since I moved into the house – so three years. It is time for a new prescription and new frames.

If I didn’t have that attendance money coming up I would be in a heap of trouble this month.

I got up this morning and spent an hour or so on the front steps and drive chopping and shoveling off all the ice/snow mixture. We got a little bit more sleet on top of it this afternoon. I better get out there and put more ice melt on it.

So far we have had to call Roto Rooter once a year since I’ve been in this house. I need to start a preventative measure to keep it from happening so often. Although the guy said that houses need their main line done about once every three years and that would make this visit right on time. But I don’t remember my folks having to do this so often. Maybe this neighborhood has more trees and it causes the problems.

Reaping the Birthday benefits

I had a great birthday weekend! I had many dinners out, received a Home Depot gift card from my brother Bill and Shannon gave me a very nice white gold bracelet. Shannon was worried I wouldn’t like it but it is very nice and a sturdy, chunky flat link so it is very stylish and durable!

I got several phone calls from friends including one from a dear old friend that moved to California years ago. We use to hang out and go to dinner a lot. He now has a small circle of friends in California to do that (although it takes hours to travel anywhere there where it takes a few minutes here). I haven’t heard from him in a very long time. It’s nice to stay in touch.

I hope this is a good sign of my year to come!

Happy Birthday to Dad and Me!

Happy Birthday to Dad and Me,
Happy Birthday to Dad and Me,
Happy Birthday dear Dad and Me,
Happy Biiiirrrrthdddaaayyy to Dad and Me.

Happy Birthday Dad (87) and I am now 44. Dad will be enjoying (hopefully) a pineapple upside-down cake that Mom baked yesterday, along with fried chicken for dinner today.

I have had a weekend of Birthday Dinners; Thursday was an un-official friendship dinner with Bense (he didn’t know it was my Birthday on Sunday), Friday night was dinner with Shannon at 54th Street Bar & Grill, Saturday was dinner with Jim at Cafe Trio, and today on my actual Birthday I will be eating with Shannon at Jess & Jim’s Steak House in Martin City. What a wonderful way to celebrate!

I also got a surprise from Mom & Dad in the mail – a box of Dutch pastries (12 Dutch Letters) from Jaarsma Bakery in Pella Iowa. A full dozen to enjoy! I have a little Dutch in me and we always use to stop in Pella on the way to the Grandparent’s house and get these Dutch Pastries. Pella is know for their Tulip Time every year. The Letters got delivered on Friday while Shannon and I were out at dinner and I didn’t see them till I got the mail on Saturday.

Have a great Birthday Dad!

New Years Resolutions

I’m just not making any. Well, sort of. I am going to try and improve some aspects of my life. Work towards renewing some good habits that have slipped under the rug. No pressure, no list, just something to work on.

My New Year’s Eve? Oh, it was quiet and uneventful – just perfect. I went to bed early and got up early New Year’s day refreshed and no hangover like I’m sure a few people had.

Another short work week for me and that is fantastic! We won’t have more time off from work till Memorial weekend so I’m enjoying doing nothing = lazy bum.

Happy New Year 2007

I have a nice long weekend of four days off! I just played around on the internet and did nothing productive yesterday – it was nice.

I plan on keeping up with blog entries in 2007. Don’t mistake this as a New Years resolution – just something to focus more on. The last few months of 2006 have been sparse in blog entries, which is a little embarrassing.

In just a week I will be 44 and my Dad will be 87. I’m almost 45 and still overweight, so this year is a focus on proper food intake and going to the gym (the biggest challenge is to recreate the good habit of gym routine).

Enjoy the New Year’s Eve celebration everyone but please don’t drink and drive! Play safe and have a fun evening! I’ll be staying at home and in bed early! Not much reason to stay up late and I like the sleep more than seeing a day change to another day!