Real Name: Steve
 53 (Birthday January 7, 1963)
Raytown, Missouri
Shannon, age 50 (Birthday August 1, 1965)
Jaki – Toy Fox Terrior, died at age 15 (Birthday March 10, 2000 ~ December 12, 2015)

Steve & Jaki

For my 50th Birthday I’m going to list 50 things about me:

  1. Diagnosed with Bladder Cancer on November 27, 2012.
  2. Right handed but can do many things Left handed (shoot pool is one).
  3. I’m the youngest of three brothers.
  4. In High School I performed in several Theater productions including Oklahoma.
  5. My parents bought an Organ when I was young and I took lessons for a short while. It was an organ that has the pedals and split keyboards. I mostly learned old time songs like Beautiful Dreamer and My Bonnie lies over the Ocean.
  6. I was born in Iowa and lived in Ralston Nebraska since 4th grade on up. I moved to Kansas City after graduating college.
  7. I’ve lived in Kansas City since 1987.
  8. My first job in high school was as a dish washer and they never explained to me that I had breaks so I worked straight through my shifts.
  9. I had a brief summer job during high school as a construction worker doing mostly menial work.
  10. I had a summer job detasseling corn while in high school and that was the worst job I’ve ever done.
  11. I took Modern Dance in college.
  12. I was told by my college councilor that I should be a Sculptor but I choose Graphic Artist instead.
  13. I weighed 145 pounds all through high school and college. I was VERY skinny.
  14. When I was in college they didn’t have computers yet. I took a computer graphics class and they just talked about the concept of doing it.
  15. I’ve never broken a bone.
  16. I’ve only had two surgeries so far:
    1. Belly Button Hernia – 2010
    2. Bladder Cancer removal – 2012
  17. I have trouble remembering names of people, things in the past, and keeping track of long periods of time (years) but can remember computer key combinations and functions. I’m sort of bothered by this.
  18. I learned German to visit Germany in 1987 and spent two weeks there visiting my college friend Mark (who is still living there). This has been the only time out of USA. I don’t remember a lick of German.
  19. I have been to most states from the Midwest to the West but have not been to any of the states East of the Midwest.
  20. I learned to drive on a stick but prefer an automatic.
  21. My favorite color is Blue (and sometimes Green).
  22. My eyes are Hazel.
  23. I wore braces on my teeth through high school.
  24. I do not have a tattoo.
  25. I’ve had two piercings (only one was my ear).
  26. My heaviest weight so far has been 226 pounds.
  27. I am currently 197 pounds.
  28. I work on a Mac and use a Mac at home as well.
  29. I learned web design on my own – self taught.
  30. I never had a class on computer graphic design – self taught.
  31. I use to be very anal and tidy – this has been beaten out of me by sloppy room mates and time.
  32. Growing up I had a very green thumb – not so much now.
  33. I live in Missouri and work in Kansas.
  34. I took typing in Middle School when it was frowned upon for boys to take such classes. It has paid off immensly!
  35. I am horrible at math. I had a very hard time learning math in elementary school on up.
  36. I am a horrible speller. I love auto correction and spell check!
  37. I learned sign language in high school and it came in handy when I was going to the bars in my 30’s – watching conversations from across the bar. I also hung out with a deaf guy for a while.
  38. I can ice skate better than roller skate.
  39. I use to walk on stilts allot during my high school years. My Dad made them.
  40. I share my birthday with my Dad. I was born on his birthday.
  41. The only concerts I have attended have been:
    1. B-52’s
    2. Lauri Anderson
  42. I was a member of the DEVO fan club in college.
  43. I love to cook and bake.
  44. I can visualize how combinations of food will taste (most of the time).
  45. I use to make dinner for my folks when I was in high school so it would be ready for them when they got off work.
  46. I use to organize and clean my folks house (most of the time without being asked).
  47. I was never told “Go clean your room” – it was always tidy and clean.
  48. When I moved out of my parents house and came to Kansas City my Mom said “You mean I’m going to loose my live in maid?”.
  49. I would love to retire in Colorado.
  50. I’ve never had a problem with my age. To me age is just a number. It also helps I don’t look my age (nor do I act my age).

I will periodically come back to this list and update anything that gets way out of wack. For those that made it through the entire list; you now know a lot more about me then what you probably wanted to know!