CT Scan of Left Kidney

This morning at 10:30am I had a CT Scan performed on my left kidney. They will be doing these every 6 months to make sure cancer doesn’t get started up in there since I have an abnormally large ureter that leads to the left kidney allowing for cancer to flow up into the kidney.

This time around it was a little painful. The nurse had trouble getting the IV into the crease of my arm so she had to make another attempt at my wrist (which worked). She kept saying “Let me clean you up here.” and “I didn’t get you cleaned up very well, let me clean you up.” – I didn’t look so I was wondering how bloody I was from all this. I don’t watch while they draw blood or poke me. <ich>

They pump a “contrast” fluid through me while they take “pictures” and it make you feel very warm and today it initially made me get that odd sensation at the back of your mouth right before you through up. Luckily it quickly passed and I was so focused on the “breath” and “hold your breath” that I forgot about it.

I will get the results in a few days from my urologist. When I get the results I’ll post them here.

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