3 Month Checkup Results — All Clear

Bladder-Cancer-Free-BadgeI had my 3 Month Scope performed this morning and got an all clear; no cancer! So now I will just have to be looked at again in another three months.

The doctor did want to have a CT Scan performed next Friday (June 14, 2013) so they can take a look at my left utterer to make sure no cancer floated it way up there after the surgery. Since I have a larger than normal utterer tube it allowed “backwash” and we want to keep a check on it so every 6 months I’ll have a CT Scan to keep it in check.

I also weighed in at 177.0 pounds this morning. Almost my record low (which was 176.8 so far). Since I started at 212 that would make a total loss of 35 pounds!

So I get to keep up with my every Saturday cheat meal! I am very excited about this! Now let’s just hope for good results with the CT Scan!

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