Easter Dinner

Happy Easter everyone! Here is what I ate for my dinner: Airfried Panko Crusted Tilapia with Spicy Cheesy Quinoa.


The Tilapia is brushed with olive oil on both sides then sprinkled with black pepper. I apply a light dusting of Panko to both sides as well. I put the fish in my preheated Philips Airfryer for 10 minutes and out comes perfectly crispy fish with very little oil used in making it. I bought my Airfryer off of HSN so I could make payments without interest. Apparently they are very popular in the UK and have been around over there for a few years.

Okay for the Quinoa “cheese” I used daiya a deliciously dairy free product. It comes in three flavors and either brick (shown below) or shredded (which I wasn’t happy with the texture and look). I used the havarti style wedge which is spicy and has small bits of jalapeños in it. They sell it at both Natural Grocers and Whole Foods in their dairy alternative sections.

DF-Wedges-All I dusted the cooked Quinoa with black pepper, onion powder, and chili powder before covering with strips of the daiya “cheese” and then microwaved for a few seconds to get the cheese to melt over the Quinoa.

It was a very yummy meal and I have a piece of fish already cooked for Monday nights meal. I usually cook two pieces of fish at a time so I have something for the next day.

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