Anti-Bladder Cancer Diet is Freaky Expensive

First, today was my cheat meal day so I picked Village Inn and had the Chicken Fried Steak with eggs and it was yummy. Then for desert it was their seasonal pie: European Truffle (pictured below). It was fantastic!

European-Truffle-pie Shannon and I discussed my cheat meals. Currently I get a cheat meal once every two weeks. We where going to wait until my next scope visit and if it was cancer free start every Saturday cheat meals. However, we talked about it today and decided to go ahead and do the every Saturday cheat meals. The June 7th scope visit will determine if I get to stay on the every Saturday cheat meals (no cancer results) or go back to the once every two weeks (if the cancer returns).

Now on to the expensive part. We go to two grocery stores every weekend; Natural Grocers and Whole Foods. Natural Grocers has most stuff cheaper than Whole Foods but it doesn’t carry all the same items and some items are more expensive than Whole Foods. You just have to remember which store to buy which thing; it’s tricky. I try very hard to buy as little as possible and watch the prices but inevitably I end up spending around $100 for the two stores combined. Ouch!

Today was horrible. I only got a few items at Whole Foods so it was $39 but at Natural Grocers I had to get a few of my cancer staples (Flax Seed Oil, vitamins, and supplements). I only got 16 items but the total of my bill was $159.40. They all fit nicely in one grocery bag with plenty of room for more stuff.


As you can see by the image above; my diet stuff is freaky expensive! This was just a couple of the things that I needed refilled. I hope the refilling gets spread out over a few store trips and not all at once. I just can’t afford this, lucky I worked some overtime this past week and it will help pay for this.

I hope everyone has a great Easter and the forecast for snow on Monday misses us!

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