Record low: 181.6 pounds today

This morning I weighed in at just 181.6 pounds. That makes my total loss of weight at 30.4 pounds! I originally weighed 212 pounds on November 9, 2012. Soon I’ll be at my goal weight of 180 pounds. I can hardly believe it at times. I do think my goal weight is going to change to 175 pounds though. Online it says for my height I should be 160 pounds but I think that might be a little bit much. We’ll see. I made a weight chart to show the progress up to date. Click on it to see it larger.

Weight Loss Chart

This chart is a little misleading because it looks like I dropped a ton of weight at the beginning all at once. Unfortunately I did not record any weight info until two months in; so there is a gap or a dramatic drop on the chart from 212 pounds down to 196.8 pounds. In reality, November and December would have probably looked just like the rest of the chart but I didn’t think of recording my weight until January 2013.

Next Saturday will be my scheduled cheat meal. I’m thinking Village Inn. They have a wide variety on their menu so Shannon can find just about anything. I just love their pies and you can get a slice and not have the whole thing just lying around taunting you! My favorite thing to get there is their Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs. I usually can’t eat the whole thing (my stomach has shrunk on the inside as well as the outside ? LOL) but that’s okay because Shannon loves my leftovers! Maybe I’ll try something else but I kind of doubt it. I really love Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs. I get my eggs over easy and then get white toast instead of pancakes to sop up all the egg yolk. I don’t know how they make their toast but it is fantastic! It reminds me of the toast Mom use to make on camping trips. I don’t know why but it does. It is perfect toast. Just the right amount of butter and the whole surface is perfectly covered. Their hash browns that come with are also nice and crispy (something other restaurants have a very difficult time achieving). Ugh, come on next weekend get here in a hurry!

I’m really hoping that on the next scope visit I get the all clear (no more polyps or cancer); because then I’ll get to eat a cheat meal each Saturday instead of one every two weeks. That is my true goal, wish, dream, prayer. Hey everyone, send out good vibes and pray that the cancer doesn’t come back with me; so I can add in these fantastic cheat meals! I thank you in advance!

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