Easiest Surgery So Far!

Today was my surgery to remove the polyp that was found on the last Cystoscopy visit. I was in and out very quickly and it was the easiest surgery so far!

I went in with a lot of nervous worries but once we talked to the surgeon a lot of those worries went away. I got the same prep nurse as last time which was fantastic. She was great – I didn’t even feel the IV go in this time.

I have been experiencing some odd “discomfort” while peeing lately and we think it is because of the healing process of the Ureter and once the surgeon talked to us after the surgery it was a definite yes. The surgery results where no problems and one less polyp in my belly! The polyp was probably missed in the folds of my bladder from the first surgery.

I was so relieved that I didn’t wake up with a catheter! I got to eat a vanilla pudding too (cheat!) – I was so hungry when I woke up.

Basically this surgery was more like the visits to the office when I get a Cystoscopy done. I did take a Tylenol to help with any “razor blade” peeing that happens after the scope is done and it appears to have helped a lot. I did lay down for about a half an hour after we got home and that helped a lot.

Saturday will be another cheat meal for us. I was not looking forward to being in healing misery (like the last surgery) which would cause us to miss the cheat meal. It looks like the meal will be a “go” so that is great news (since healing is very minor this time)! This is Shannon’s turn to pick the cheat location so I won’t know until Saturday morning where we are going but anywhere will be great!

I go back to the surgeons office on March 1st for a follow up visit. Yep, that means another Cystoscopy! Why do I get the feeling I will be having a LOT of these this year?

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