Fever and 188.2 pounds

Over the weekend I had a Medium Fever ranging from 99.4 to 100.8 which started Saturday morning. I wasn’t able to take my temperature until 5:00pm and that was the highest reading of 100.8.

I wasn’t vomiting nor diarrhea, just not hungry at all and cold sweaty chills and very tired. So I barely ate all weekend and that is the reason I’m down to 188.2 pounds. I doubt it will stay there once I get my regular appetite back.

My fever went away Sunday night just before bed (I was back to 98.6). On Monday morning I double checked and it was still at 98.6 although I still had the slight headache that I had all weekend.

I was worried that the fever would mess up my scheduled outpatient surgery this Friday, February 15. On my last visit with the scope they found a polyp that they want to remove and while they are in there they’ll check on the left Utterer. So I called the surgeon on Monday and they said it would not be a problem.

My surgery is scheduled for 12:30 on Friday and I have to show up at 11:00 to get ready for it. The surgeon said it would be fairly simple so I’m hoping I heal faster after this one and don’t loose any work time on Monday or Tuesday after it like last time.

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