3 Month Cystoscopy Check Up

Well, it wasn’t as bad as the first one but it still wasn’t a walk in the park either. Since I was healed up down there; it helped a lot. The first time through this I was still in the process of healing so it was quite painful!

It started the same as last time… remove everything from the waist down (I leave my socks on for modesty – okay not really – but because walking on a linoleum floor barefoot where everyone else walked barefoot is just gross).

Then I sit on the edge of the “bed” with a white “sheet” (it’s just paper) draped over my lap and wait for the nurse to come back in the room.

When the nurse returns she takes a long plastic “nozzle” and injects numbing goo up in side of my penis as far as she can get it; while I lay on my back on the bed. Then she puts a clip on the end to keep it from coming back out. The nurse then prepares the Cystoscopy scope for the doctor (takes it out of the sterol solution it is soaking in and then lays it out flat under a cover and squirts out a big pile of lubricant. The nurse leaves the room and I lay there until the numbing goo takes effect.

When the nurse returns the doctor comes in with her. While the doctors chit-chats he removes the clip on the head of my penis and has the scope already inserted in one quick move. Both the nurse and doctor watch the screen and all looks good until they both see it at the same time and yep – there is a polyp.

The doctor points out how great the Ureter healed and that it looks very good and right next to it is a polyp. It was weird because it looked like we were watching an underwater sea adventure movie. The polyp looked like a little bubble thing, kind of cute even.

The doctor says it’s nothing to worry about and we will just go in and take it out and take a good long deep look up into the Ureter to make sure it’s good all the way through. He also said the polyp could be the result of the healing process. Either way it’s coming out.

So we will be going in on Friday, February 15th for outpatient surgery. The scheduler nurse will call me on Tuesday, February 5th with the time and confirm the date.

Shannon and I where both very relieved and yet annoyed that there will be another surgery.

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