192.4 and Lentils

Well, I found out the hard way that my system just does not like Lentils. Lentils are on my good list of foods I should eat on my Bladder Cancer diet. I was so excited to find a canned lentils soup that had no added salt and all the ingredients where on the good list. I heated up the lentil soup for my Sunday night dinner. Just an hour after eating the lentil soup I started to experience some odd digestive problems.

I began burping with just about every breath. I was a little worried I would not be able to go to bed in another hour. The burping finally subsided about a half an hour after my bed time.

While I slept I had chills then I would sweat and then chills again. I wasn’t sleeping well with all this going on. When I woke up Monday morning I felt very nauseous and my stomach hurt.

I called in sick and then took some Pepto-Bismol and went back to bed. I slept for about another two hours and then I felt a little better but my stomach still was a little odd feeling. At least the nausea went away so I called in and said I would be in to work. I ended up just taking two hours of personal time instead of the whole day off.

My appetite was just not there all day. I would try to eat but could barely get the food down. I also started having diarrhea and that is always fun at work. I did have some anti-diarrhea pills at work so I took them. So by the time the day was over I ate a total of:

  • breakfast – a banana
  • lunch – 1/2 cup of lettuce salad
  • dinner – an apple

Yep that was all I could get in me.

Tuesday morning was much better tummy wise but I was afraid to eat too much of anything for fear of the return of diarrhea. So I didn’t eat much and didn’t take any of my supplements (which I also avoided on Monday).

  • breakfast – a banana
  • break – apple
  • lunch – normal salad
  • break – pear
  • dinner – hummus with faux pita

Everything stayed down just fine and I actually enjoyed eating them. No diarrhea either – there’s a bonus!

Tuesday I weighed myself just out of curiosity and I weighed 192.4 pounds. I was shocked but not too surprised at the same time.

I weighed again on Wednesday morning and I still weighed 192.4 but I didn’t like how I got to there.

Oh, and on Tuesday morning when Shannon got home from work, he reminded me that I had a problem the last time I ate Lentils. I wish I would have remembered that before eating them! I will definitely remember this time! I think I’ll take them off of my good list too!

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