Canning of Flor Essence

I got my canning of the Flor Essence done so I’ll be set for another couple of weeks. It’s far cheaper to use the dry packets and make your own tea rather than buy the jars of pre-made tea. One dry packet of Flor Essence makes two Pint jars (2 cups or 16 ounces per jar).

Flor Essence

    • 2 tablespoons at night with 3 tablespoons water
    • Herbal tea Detox
    • Phytonutrients in the herbs of the Flor Essence Tea work together to support specific cells in the body. Cells such as macrophages, that identify and gather harmful toxins in the circulatory system. These cells transport waste to the excretory organs where other supporting antioxidants and fiber, also contained within Flor Essence Tea, neutralize and bind the toxins and help escort them out of the body.
    • Here is a link to buy the Dry Tea Blend.
    • Here is a link to buy the Liquid Tea Blend.
    • I buy the Dry Tea Blend because it’s cheaper in the long run but it does require a lot of time to prepare the tea and it must be canned and stored in the refrigerator.


  • One stainless steel pot — Soup stock pot. Found in the kitchenware section at most department stores. Not very wide across, but quite tall (deep pots help steam to condense).
  • One fine meshed strainer — Found in the kitchenware aisle of most supermarkets. Look for a strainer with straight, solid sides and a fine plastic or metal mesh bottom. This kind is easiest to use.
  • One 4-cup measuring cup —  do not use plastic. Choose a standard Pyrex or glass cup. A measuring cup this size is large enough to hold 1 quart of liquid.
  • Two 17 ounce glass containers — per packet of herbs. I use two Pint jars and they work fine. Dark glass bottles are ideal. However, canning jars or Mason jars can also be used. They are very easy to clean and sterilize, and will form a tight seal.
    • Sterilize glass containers — Wash and rinse thoroughly. Fill with hot water, set in a pot of hot water and bring to a boil. Let boil for 10 minutes and leave in pot until ready to fill with tea. Sterilize lids in the same way.


  1. Measure five 8 ounce cups of fresh, pure water into pot. Do not use fluoridated water. Add contents of one (1) packet of Flor Essence, stir and cover. Set pot on burner, bring to a boil on high. Turn burner to medium, (do not remove lid), and let boil for 10 – 12 minutes.
  2. Remove pot from heat. Scrape any herbs from inside of lid and sides of pot and put them back in the liquid.
  3. Cover again and let stand at room temperature for 10 – 12 hours.
  4. Sterilize glass containers (see directions above in Equipment list) and have them in the hot water ready for the next step.
  5. When properly steeped, remove lid and stir contents well. Place pot on burner set at high. Heat to scalding (just before boiling – when steam rises from entire surface and surface seems to move.)
  6. Set strainer on mouth of glass measuring cup. Gradually pour contents of the pot into the strainer. The strainer will plug up with sediment. Using a stainless steel teaspoon, stir sediment until all the liquid has gone through the strainer. Empty the strainer of sediment and repeat.
  7. As two cups of liquid are strained, fill sterilized glass container with tea. Seal with hot lid. Mark with date prepared. Let cool on counter. Once cool, place containers in refrigerator. Sealed containers must be used within 90 days.

Important Points

  • The herbal tea you have prepared must be kept refrigerated at all times (do not freeze). Opened containers of tea that have been left out for over 24 hours must be discarded.
  • Tea contains no preservatives. Treat tea in opened containers as a perishable food and use within 21 days.
  • If your net result of tea is less than one quart per packet, use a deeper pot. It will reduce loss of water due to evaporation during the boiling stage.

NOTE: These instructions are directly from the sheet that is enclosed in each box of Flor Essence. I am putting the instructions on the web so if someone looses their instructions they can have another copy and I want it stored here for my personal use as well. Flor-Essence-Canned

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