Hello 196.8 pounds!

Today I weighed in at 196.8 pounds. I have not seen that weight since the 1990’s. I have made a “before and after” from an old photo I took in February 2008 from my second attempt at Weight Watchers.

Weight Watchers did NOT work for me. I lost weight but then it all came back on and then some. Also I have a real problem with all the synthetic sugars used in most of their products. I get stomach problems along with diarrhea – not fun.

Before and After update! I’m about ready to buy new jeans. I have been in 38 inch waist for so long and now they are quite loose on me. You can see that by looking at the front view in the after shot.

Now I need to get back into a good habit of exercise to tighten up the remaining fat and flab and it would help my posture some too.

My goal weight is 180 pounds. At least that’s what Weight Watchers always said. I would like to get to that weight and stay there. In college I was 145 pounds and that was too skinny (I doubt I have to worry about reaching that weight again! LOL). I went up to 165 after college and stayed there for quite a long period of time. That was a little skinny too, so I could see 180 being the best target weight.

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