Best Medical Update Ever!!!!

Well, I got the best news possible from the Dr regarding my cancer. It turned out to be a superficial tumor which he removed on November 9th. The test results showed that the cancer was non-invasive and not involving the muscle tissue.

The Dr said “Basically, this is just a big nuisance.” Therefore I will have to keep on top of it, having Cystoscopic exams every 3 months for a year, then every 6 months for two years, and then once a year there after, forever. This kind of cancer likes to come back and then it would have to get removed, once again (ugh)!

Additionally, I will have to go in for a CT Scan in two months to make sure the healing of the wound has not closed up my Ureter leading to the bladder. We will know more in about three weeks concerning my healing process (blockage or not).

In technical terms:

Urinary bladder tumor, biopsy:

  1. Low grade papillary urothelial carcinoma.
  2. Invasion absent.
  3. Smooth muscle identified.

Shannon and I are gratefully relieved and as a celebration we ate at Runza. I will be sticking to my preventative diet but we will get to go out to eat a special “cheat” meal once a month. On Holidays I will be only eating one cheat meal – no left overs and the other meals will be as close to diet as possible. The diet helps reduce the reoccurrence of the cancer and I’m all for that!

Having the stint removed was not pleasant but not as bad as I thought. It was like someone shoved a brick up into your bladder and then quickly removed it. Oh, and they numbed my private parts so it wouldn’t hurt as much. It still hurt – but not like a cut more just pressure.

This is a stint:


This is where it was placed:


This is the Cystoscopy process:


Thanks for your thoughts and prayers and keep them coming!

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