My Medical Update

Well, I wasn’t going to start the information flow until I knew what was really going on. It has reached a point I can share some info but still waiting on some additional results this Tuesday, November 13, 2012.

It all began in August 9, 2012 and I discovered some blood and some “matter” as the doctor called it in my urine. I do mean “some” blood and not that I was just peeing straight blood. After just a day or two the blood was not “visible” to my naked eye and I wondered about it but thought I would keep a close eye if it happened again.


It did happen a couple more times with weeks in-between with no visible blood.

Come September 12, 2012 and I had an unusual thing come out with the blood this time. A big round egg shaped “blood clot” about 75% smaller than the head of a q-tip swab.

IMG_0931 IMG_0932 IMG_0933 IMG_0934

Okay time to call the doctor.

My Doctor got me in within a day or two and I checked out fine (asked a bunch of questions) but did have blood in the urine. So he recommended going to a Urologist to look inside and see what could be causing it.

I got the Urologist visit on October 29 and she said they would need to do two tests to see what could be up (a CT Scan and a Cystoscopy).

They ran a CT Scan on November 5. The test results showed my colin has Diverticulitis and that my left Ureter has a blockage and they didn’t think it was a stone so they would have to go in and take a look. Just for info sake it goes Kidney dumps into Ureter which dump into Bladder which comes out the Urethra.

So today (November 9, 2012) I was scheduled for the Cystoscopy, possible biopsy, possible stint and what ever else would be needed surgery visit. It would be outpatient and I would need to be at the surgery place at 12:30 to fill out paper work, get ready for surgery at 1:45pm. I was not to eat past midnight and no water or anything in the morning after 7:45am – so I had two cups of coffee without the creamer!

I was very nervous because this all happened very quickly from “let’s have a look see” to we may need to do more. So they gave me some drugs to mellow me out and they helped. I was scared of what they might find, have to do.. ya know that old chestnut.

They did put me completely out (which both Shannon and I voted for – we had a multiple choice and I did NOT want to remember any of that!). When I came to I noticed it was a lot longer of a surgery than we originally planned. I was told to expect about 45 minutes – I woke up around 3:30pm. The nurse asked how I felt and if I was nauseous and I was fine so she went to get Shannon.

Shannon updated me on everything that the surgeon had told him when I came out of surgery. Shannon then called my Mom to fill her in. Now, I’m still waiting on the test restults of the biopsy but they did in fact find and remove Transitional Cell Carcinoma (cancer) where my Ureter meets my bladder. I also found out I have two birth defects: 1) a mega Ureter tube – larger than normal tube; and 2) a thin wall in my bladder where the two meet.

I added all the annotations to help explain what you were seeing.


The test results from the biopsy will tell us if is Invasive or Not. If it was/is Invasive I will probably loose my bladder and have to pee out of a bag. If it is NOT invasive then no chemo no radiation and I will have to periodically go back in to make sure it is still “gone” with Cystoscopy and CT Scans.

I’m on some pain medication that in the past has made me itch like crazy so let’s hope this time around it doesn’t! We went to McDonald’s around 6:00pm so I could get some food in me and it was okay… everything kind of tastes like a large plastic tube (they put down my airway to help me “breath” while under).

I also have been drinking water out the wazoo because I have to pee out all the blood and help re-open up the path from the bladder to my urethra. With the removal of the catheter (yea, that was fun!), it became irritated and swollen so I am having the urge to pee but drips and drops are all I get. Very uncomfortable to say the least. I also had to pee enough to confirm that It is “working” and not blocked completely – otherwise it would be a trip to the ER tonight. I think I’m finally getting enough out that it will be okay but I’m definitely not at a full stream yet and not peeing straight which causes a multitude of “problems” in the toilet area – LOL darn catheter! Not to mention that there is still quite a bit of blood in my urine and I have hours to go before bed time because I need to drink water like crazy to help it get back to normal and I just can’t see sleeping with this “condition” right now.

So folks that is where it is and once I hear the test results on Tuesday I’ll share them as well.

Sorry for not sharing this earlier with Bill and Bob (my older brothers) but I kept thinking it would be nothing and I wanted to give more than a “we’ll see” so I put it off till now. Everything before now was “we need to look and see” which tells everyone nothing.

PS: Here is some info I found online that could be helpful.

Bladder cancer is a type of cancer that begins in your bladder — a balloon-shaped organ in your pelvic area that stores urine. Bladder cancer begins most often in the cells that line the inside of the bladder. Bladder cancer typically affects older adults, though it can occur at any age.

The great majority of bladder cancers are diagnosed at an early stage — when bladder cancer is highly treatable. However, even early-stage bladder cancer is likely to recur. For this reason, bladder cancer survivors often undergo follow-up tests to look for bladder cancer recurrence for years after treatment.

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