My favorite song is finally mine – all mine!

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The song by Quivver “Space Manoeuvres Part 3 (Breaks Mix)” has been played on XMRadio’s “The System” channel and I love it. I had a horrible time finding it online to buy. I finally emailed the DJ on The System and he directed me to a web site that offered the song on Amazon for .99! Sold! You can buy it here if you like it!

The song has voice samples taken from the movie Dark City (1998). I love the movie! I’ve watched it a bunch of times and it never gets old.

One of the reasons I think it was difficult to find the darn song is “Quivver” is an alias of the musician. Apparently John Graham uses a bunch of different “names” based on the project he is working on. Quivver was one of them. Also the name of the song is misspelled (apparently on purpose) making it a challenge too.

Work was a little scary today. They began laying people off work. I have escaped the wrath so far but I have a feeling they will have another go at it later. It was really sad to see someone “walked” out of the building at the drop of a hat.

On Tuesday this past week, a sales woman from AT&T U-verse came to the door. Since we don’t get many people coming to the house and ringing the door bell – it makes me jump out of my skin when the door bell goes off unexpectedly. Geesh! I told the sales woman that I would have to get with my room mate before doing anything and she agreed to come back on Wednesday night to see my answer. We went for it! We only have Comcast as an option for TV & Internet. They have no competitors in our area offering internet access. We could get a dish but it doesn’t have internet. We have been paying $137.00 a month for basic digital channels (no sports channels or movies), internet access at 6 Mbps and only 1 DVR box. With U-verse we will have 3 DVR boxes that can record up to 4 channels at one time and exact same channel listings and internet for $104.00! We will be saving $30 a month which may not be much for some folks but will greatly help me out! We have until November 17th to get all the shows that are stored on the current DVR box off onto DVDs. That will be a fun time! Shannon records everything!

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