Wooly Worm found in basement

Shannon was going through a stack of folded clothes in the basement and stumbled accross an all black wooly worm. He initially thought it was a gigantic spider because the wooly worm was curled up and about the size of a half dollar coin. That would be a big spider, but this was a curled up and very much alive wooly worm. He put it in a plastic container and set it on the kitchen table so I could see it the next day. When I got up in the morning it was there on the kitchen table in a nice little plastic container with lots of air holes in it. But when I got home from work it was not in it’s nice little container. I thought Shannon had put it outside but later saw it on the kitchen floor making a get a way in slow motion. So I took two envelopes and made a little scoop to pick the little guy up and placed him in the garden under a protective covering of a plant so a bird wouldn’t get him.

He looked like this picture I found on the web except our little guy was ALL black – no brown. Shannon said that the colorings on him indicate a very wet, cold, bad winter. Oh goody!

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