Creepy and cool walking stick

This little guy was perched on the side of the house next to the garage entrance. He is pretty good sized – about 8 inches long and well, pretty creepy looking.

I took the pictures and was a little freaked out because Shannon said the walking stick could sting me with it’s tail. I didn’t think they could hurt humans and don’t remember them hurting me when I was a little kid and found one – but then again I don’t have a great memory.

So Shannon freaked me out and made the picture taking a bit of a challenge to overcome a fear of getting stung by the little guy if I got too close. I used the micro mode on my little camera and the pictures came out great! It was overcast so I was afraid they would not look good.

2 thoughts on “Creepy and cool walking stick

  1. I remember you kids playing with Walking Sticks when you were children. However, no one was ever stung with one. I searched several websites and they all said that they don’t sting, they emit a chemical spray which if got into the eyes could cause severe irritation. Can’t remember this ever happening to any of your boys.


  2. Mom is right. There is only one sub-sect that I am aware of that has a “stinger” but they are not native to the US.

    These little buggers are very common in the South. I remember being fascinated by them as a kid. The pics brought back fond memories of me exploring the open forests in and around our farm.

    They are vicious fighters too when it comes to other insects.

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