Happy Birthday America

For the 4th I went over to Jim’s house and he prepared some very delicious chicken, BBQ Beans and Potato Salad. It was a nice time. I unfortunately spent a great deal of the visit on Andy’s new laptop hooking him up with fonts, software, and basic updates. You could call it a working dinner. I still had fun but in a geek-e-er way.

I still have to do one software install for him. For some reason it didn’t work right at all. It could be how I duped the files. I’ll retry from the original.

When I got home from Jim’s; Shannon and I went to the River Front Park and watched the fireworks. It was crazy packed with people. They gave shuttle busses of people rides from the River Market to the River Front Park. There were probably about 12 or so very long school busses making the circuit.

I didn’t like being around that many people in one little area. It was weird. Kind of felt like a sci-fi movie and we were all fleeing the city with the only transportation left. As we sat in the school bus going over the bridges; people were walking along side the bus in hordes. It was very surreal.

Jaki handled the fireworks very well this year. I don’t think there was as much illegal stuff shooting off this year as in the past.

I hope everyone had a safe and fun filled fourth!

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