Too cool for words!

I can’t wait till May 21, 2008 when Nintendo releases their Wii Fit (Balance Board) for the Wii Console! It is way too cool! It truly is taking a gaming device that was already very physically active and making it a piece of exercise equipment wrapped up in a gaming environment.

The Wii Fit has a bunch of activities included. I think the best feature for me will be the BMI; it will really help along with my Weight Watchers. It has: Strength Training, Aerobics, Yoga, and Balance Games (which looks like the most fun!). I’m looking forward to the Aerobics though. I always wanted to take an aerobics class at the gym but never had the time or they classes where at the wrong times for me to take them. This way I’d be able to take an aerobics class any time I wanted.

Wii Fit Wii Fit Wii Fit Wii Fit Wii Fit

Also in the Nintendo news is Wii Mario Kart released… today! Yea! I’ve been waiting for this for about a year now. It also looks extremely fun! Wii Fit

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