Jaki’s Emergency Room Visit

Jaki started acting very odd around 6:15 last night. She was having trouble walking and had a glazed over look in her eyes and had trouble with balance and depth perception. She was also dribbling pee everywhere uncontrollably. It was very scary and came out of no where. We could not figure out what caused it. I immediately called our vet which was closed so called the Emergency Vet Hospital and then we took her there. The Emergency Vet Hospital is in Mission, Kansas so it was a good thirty minute drive but I trusted them the most over two other emergency vets that were close to us.

Jaki just stared blankly out at the cars and traffic and usually in the car she is ecstatic. They did a bunch of tests. They first thought it could be internal bleeding but she clotted just fine so it was disproved. Then then did an extensive blood work to see if she ate something poisonous or drug related. That came back fine. So they thought it would be best if she stayed overnight on an IV to flush out what ever may not show up on a test and to watch her closely and keep track of her liver functions.

We were to be contacted by them if anything went wrong over night and then at 7:00 AM for her status. When they called this morning they said she began coming out of what ever it was around 3:00 AM and started to control her pee and was more responsive. At 7:00, she was alert and ate some bland food and had no problems with either. She was ready to come home.

The vet guessed that it could have been a seizure and we were seeing the after effects. Most seizures are only a few seconds and Shannon probably would not have seen it happen since she was in her kennel before he notice the odd behavior. There is no way of knowing if she had a seizure for sure but now we have to watch her and if she does have a seizure we will need to contact or regular vet and get her started on medication for it.

The poor thing was very ready to leave the hospital and was very glad to be home. She ran around from room to room very excited. She had a little more food to eat and then laid down to rest up from the very bad night she had. Here is a picture of her on the couch wrapped up in a quilt with her bandage covering up her IV insertion. Shannon took the bandage off and Jaki was not at all happy about anyone touching her bandaged leg! I tried to distract her enough so she would not snap at Shannon.


She has had a very rough week. She got her teeth cleaned on Tuesday and an overnight stay at the Emergency Vet Hospital on Friday. It was also a very expensive one for me. The overnight stay at the Emergency Vet Hospital was $587.50. Lucky for me they have a animal vet credit card and I had no trouble qualifying so I was able to put the bill on there and I can then pay it off monthly.

One thought on “Jaki’s Emergency Room Visit

  1. I’m glad to read Jaki is okay-fine 😀
    Poor baby what a rough week for her and her Daddy’s 🙂

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