Jaki’s getting pearly whites today

I took today off so I could take Jaki to the vet to have her teeth cleaned. It’s a pretty big procedure for a small dog like Jaki. It’s not as simple of a procedure as us humans get. We just lay there and take the cleaning. For dogs they have to get anesthesia to have their teeth cleaned.

Now in Jaki’s case, since she only weighs in at around 7 pounds, they have to be very careful with the anesthesia. It has to be done just right in the correct amount or it could kill her. It’s a little scary actually. The vet I took her to is very good though and takes a lot of precautions just for her. They run a bunch of tests to make sure she’ll be able to handle the anesthesia.

Here’s the steps they take:

After Jaki is admitted, the nurse will obtain her EKG. The doctor will review Jaki’s EKG to make sure her heart is in good shape for her to have anesthesia. The nurse will also obtain a blood sample from Jaki to perform screening blood tests.

Next, the doctor will perform a pre-anesthesia exam on Jaki. Jaki will have one leg partly shaved, get an IV catheter, and receive IV fluids. Jaki will then receive general anesthesia, have a tube inserted into her trachea, and be connected to a gas anesthesia machine. Jaki will be carefully monitored during her procedure with very sophisticated medical equipment.

When Jaki’s procedure is completed and she is starting to wake up, the nurse will call me and give me a progress report. The nurse will also call later in the day, when they see how quickly Jaki is waking up, to schedule a release appointment.

When I go to pick Jaki back up later today, I will review the details of the procedure and get some suggestions for caring for her at home. Jaki is not to be left alone her first night at home.

I hope her teeth are in good condition and she doesn’t require any extractions. The doctor took a quick look and didn’t think they looked like they would need to be extracted but they can’t really tell until they are cleaned up.

Her breath should be greatly improved after this cleaning. Right now, her breath could kill fresh flowers upon contact!

Then starting this coming Saturday, she is going to start getting her teeth cleaned with a wash cloth every Saturday. A co-worker has the same bread as Jaki and that’s what she uses to clean teeth. We have tried the special doggy tooth brushes and they just don’t work very well with her little mouth. I think with the wash cloth I’ll be able to feel my way around better and know how hard I’m pressing against her gums and teeth.

I’ll post the outcome once I get it.

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