Look out, here comes Fat Steve!

Yes, I am at the heaviest I have ever been. So I am trying (for the third time) Weight Watchers. The first time I lost about 35 pounds. Then a few years later (after eating all the crap that made me fat the first time) I tried the online version of Weight Watchers but didn’t stay with it for very long, maybe a couple months – it just didn’t have the same effect as going to the meeting did with the first time around. Now on my third try I weigh 220.6 at my starting point. I was shocked at the number. I went to my first meeting last Monday night. I am going to try the Core this time but may switch back to the Flex plan later.

The leader suggested I take pictures so I can look back six months (or so) from now and see the progress. So tonight I took pictures and took measurements. Here are the ugly pictures. Look away if you have a weak stomach.

Fat Steve

You may notice a slight curve to my spine. Yep I know about it and have had minor back problems all my life. I also have two to three herniated discs which is a delight if they get irritated. They showed their ugly pain sometime around 1993 and I was out of work for a week and could barely walk. When I did it looked like I was 100 years old and took little tiny steps and shuffled my feet. So working out at the gym or any heavy activity has to be done very, very carefully. I have to do gym equipment that helps to control the movement (in other words, no free weights for me!).

Sorry for the ugly post!

One thought on “Look out, here comes Fat Steve!

  1. It takes a lot of work to loose weight in a society that has become obsessed with convenience over health.

    Once piece of advice, don’t starve yourself. And allow yourself an indulgence every now and then. It will help keep you on the path.

    Eating and exercise together work the best. Doesn’t have to be in a gym either.

    Good luck!

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