A little color hmmm?

I was feeling like the colors of the blog template just weren’t what I wanted. I didn’t mind the chalky blue and orange… they just weren’t my favorite colors. I’m not saying the colors I’ve changed it to now are my favorite but it at least has a little darker tone to it and I like that better. I will probably tweak it a little more later.

I ate dinner with Jim at Mi Cocina on the Plaza and then later had a coffee at Latte Land. That was very nice. I had a great time talking with Jim.

On the way back I had an overwhelming feeling of a need of change. I guess that’s why the blog has it’s color make over. I’m at point were I’m ready to start making changes in my diet and exercise. I am ready to go back to Weight Watchers. I am fatter now than I was when I first went. I’ll have to work harder to stay on it during the “maintenance” period which was where I fell apart ever so slowly over a period of three or so years. I’m going to go to the meetings which really helped me the first time I lost all my weight. I tried a couple years back to do it alone without the meetings and just doing the online stuff and it didn’t work for me. I have to have the accountability that comes with the weigh in at the meetings each week.

This isn’t a New Years resolution, just something I need to do. Period. I’m going to post results on the blog as I go.

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