Taxes done and it’s not even February!

I got my W2 from work on Friday and also got TurboTax Home & Business 2007 in the mail the same day. So Friday night I dug deep into the tax information and completed it by 10:00 PM. I got all my SadlerDesign stuff organized and all the tax stuff together so I’m good for another year now.

I thought that doing my taxes myself rather than using a “tax guy” like I have in the past three years I would save money. Well I think it cost the same amount! I was very disappointed! I think next year I will do the TurboTax Online version rather than the desktop CD version that I did this year. I think they give you a discount on the e-filing which is were I got burned since I have to do two States and one Federal (I work in Kansas but live in Missouri – makes tax time a little confusing).

I took Jaki to get her toe nails trimmed on Wednesday and on the way home I stopped for some fast food and in the drive through she decided it would be cute to do a flip while in the front seat (and I was trying to restrain her from the food). So later that night when Shannon got off work and she stepped out from her heated kennel/bed she yelped three times in a half hour. Luckily I have some of her back pain pills left over from the last occurrence (which was back in October of 2006). She is doing fine now. Luckily we got her the pain pills quickly before too much inflammation caused more pain and a longer healing time. Poor little thing! She just doesn’t understand she can’t go crazy and stuff like she did when she was young and without a back injury.

I got my Tags in the mail today so I will have legal plates to drive with before they expire in February. I was kind of cutting it close to the deadline with mailing them to me and all. Whew!

I cleaned up the office this morning and it feels so much better. It was becoming a cluster of piles. Pile here, pile there. Another pile on top of another pile, etc. I guess doing the taxes kind of brought out the cleaning spree. I had to dig to find things and that is just not cool!

I finally got my Birthday present from Shannon – The Wii Zapper! It actually came last Friday but I just was too tired all week to post a blog article so I’m just getting to it now. It is really cool and fun. I think I’ll go play some right now!

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