The Day After (birthday out come)

I got some scratcher cards from Karen along with some Zim’s Crack Creme (the best in the world!) since I lost mine or it got stolen at work – don’t know which.

Shannon is short on money so my birthday gift from him will be a week late. I also know what it is because I told him I wanted it (Wii Zapper). But he is out of money until the 9th so the gift will be a little late and that’s okay – I can wait!

Shannon and I went to Sweet Tomatoes to eat dinner and use up another Birthday coupon. I really like their food! It is so fresh! Shannon always takes too much food to possibly eat it all and ends up hiding the leftovers under another plate or napkins.

After Dinner Shannon had to go check on his employees to make sure they closed up shop correctly and I check my email. Then we sat and watched some television for the rest of the evening.

In all it was a good birthday – very calm and relaxing.

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