Raytown Man Body Slams Ice; Ice Wins

Jack FrostI heard all the ice reports Saturday and didn’t think twice while I walked out onto the concrete front steps. The first step was onto our door mat and the second was on the concrete step just below that slanted downward because of the house shifting. So I stepped onto it and immediately was thrown into the air. Yes I was thrown up into the air and basically did a body slam (on my right side) down onto the front side walk. Everything that looked “wet” was actually ice.

In those fleeting milliseconds I thought; “God, I’m going to hit my head and be unconscious laying in the front yard while Shannon gets ready for work and he won’t even know I’m out here.” and “I hope I don’t break anything and this doesn’t mess up my back!” – all this before I hit the ground. It’s weird how much thought can fit into a tiny space of time.

So I hit the ground and out spew some naughty words. Unfortunately, I am in my robe and slippers laying on the ground and the neighbors across the street are just stepping out of their house as I do my landing and see it all. I was so embarrassed along with hurting pretty bad. I wasn’t sure if anything was broken so I carefully get onto all fours and crawl up onto the top step and get back up and into the house. I don’t think anything is broken (but my pride) but I am sure I’ll have some killer bruises. My ankle, hip, inner thigh, neck and shoulder, all hurt like crazy.

I had to walk around with a cane all day Saturday. It’s much better today but I’m still very sore all up and down my right side. Let’s just say I did not go back outside all day Saturday!

Today looks even worse outside! We have ice pellets raining from the sky. Hoo ray! We don’t have any ice melt either. I need to get to the store so I have something to eat this week and pick up some ice melt so we don’t kill ourselves on our drive or sidewalks. I finally did my checkbook and I’ve overspent my Xmas fund so I’m in trouble and will have to do some fancy foot work to get all the big bills paid this month. I think I’ll be able to do it but I’m going to have to eat very cheaply the rest of the month and not spend any money if at all possible. I’m hoping to have enough money to make some kind of soup for lunches and maybe sloppy joes for dinner or something. Otherwise it’s top ramin the rest of the month.

I got to talk with my friend Alston in New York yesterday so that was a nice surprise on an otherwise crapy day.

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