Dinner with Jim at Pizza Bella

Yesterday I went over to Jim’s to help him with his new Color Laser Printer. He needed a cable to hook it up and wasn’t sure which kind of cable and if it would work on the back of his laptop docking station. That was an easy fix and we hopped over to Office Depot and fixed him up with a USB 2 cable and his new printer was smelling up the house in no time. Laser printers can have a nice toner smell when they first start up. I had a black and white laser printer a long time ago with my first Mac – I loved it.

With the printer connected and working great we were off to eat. Jim had a great idea of a restaurant he had been at once before and I had never been to. So we went to Pizza Bella, downtown Kansas City on Baltimore. It’s only been open for a month or so and it was very cool looking inside and out. Jim ordered Crispy Brussels Sprouts and I told him I didn’t like Brussels Sprouts but I would try them. Wow were they good. I apparently had a bad first experience with them and I thought I would not like them – probably how they were prepared. We each ordered the same pizza (they come dinner plate size) – Prosciutto and Arougala with fresh parmesan cheese.

After dinner we went to the Power & Light District downtown. It’s still in progress of being completed but they have come a long way and should be done this next Summer is my guess. We went to a very fancy (but not too pricy) restaurant for a glass of wine. We sat at the bar and talked. The restaurant has only been open for two weeks so it is as new as can be. We’ll have to go back and have a dinner there sometime. We had a glass of Merlot each. Jim was tempted to have a second but I was doing good to finish the one I had and didn’t want another. I don’t really drink anymore – so a little is a lot for me.

I took a few pictures of the evening and here they are. Click on them to see them larger and you can navigate through them buy clicking on the left or right sides of the picture once enlarged.

Pizza Bella

Pizza Bella

Crispy Brussels Sprouts

Prosciutto and Arougala Pizza

Art Nouvea Doorway on the way to the car

Power & Light Disctrict

Sprint Center

Afterwards we stopped at Starbucks in Westport for some coffee. Jim was experimental and ordered some Latin version of an espresso and water and it tasted like watered down espresso and wasn’t very good but Jim persevered and drank it anyway (well most of it). I had the White Chocolate Peppermint Mocha but with less of the syrups than usual because I was afraid it would be sickening sweet. It was just right.

2 thoughts on “Dinner with Jim at Pizza Bella

  1. I love the way you have the pics setup, so you can move forward. Nice pics. I had a good time.

  2. I’m glad to hear that the food is good. We went just after Thanksgiving and sat at our table waiting for our server to greet us and waited and waited and left.

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