Super Mario Galaxy rocks!

I FINALLY got to play my Super Mario Galaxy Thursday night and it has the best graphics of all the games I own so far. Which all the games I have up to now have been the sports and party games which rely more on the event rather than the special effects.

I’ve only had enough time to play the first world on Thursday and get to the end of the second world (where I keep dying trying to fight the big plant monster thingy – darn slow old age reflexes!).

I’ve been too busy trying to get my home Wi-Fi wiped into shape. I can connect everything except for my iPod Touch. I did some digging and found the router has never been updated. I am unable to update it as well – it just spins and says updating for hours and never does it. The “Check for updates automatically” is grayed out along with the “check now” button – which makes me think there is something very wrong with it. There have been 11 (eleven!) updates from my current version! I have tried downloading the most current and also the one just above my version – no joy! I spent all day on it yesterday and all Friday night on the darn thing. I am exhausted and at the same point I was a week ago!

I think I’ll take it into work and have the IT staff fiddle with it. All I want is for it to update to the current version of firmware. Then maybe (just maybe) my iPod Touch will find the Wi-Fi connection and then there will be joy!

On a brighter note. Leopard OS X 10.5 is super cool! I finally implemented Time Machine Friday night and it is so cool and will help out if I ever delete something I should not have.

Today will be spent in the yard with the leaves. I also need to see if I can get the xmas lights up today. Lots to do and it ain’t gonna be in front of the computer today!

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