9 Days till Super Mario Galaxy for Wii!

I pre ordered my copy at Target and will be picking it up on Wednesday November 14th after I get off work! I can’t wait for this game to come out. This will be my first non “party” game for the Wii.

From all the movie previews I’ve watch, it looks really cool. The 3D worlds look like they would be hard to figure out controlling Mario to go the direction you want but they say you get use to the 3D world terrain quickly.

I’ll probably end up getting the Play Guide for Super Mario Galaxy because I usually need help figuring things out. Young kids can just run through the levels but I need help to know what to do. I didn’t grow up with games like my co-workers did.

The next game I’m looking to get is Mari Kart Wii which is coming out some time in the beginning of 2008.

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