Trouble with Internet Explorer (again!)

My Mom called me this morning after I made my earlier post to tell me that it looked all messed up in Internet Explorer. It looks fine in FireFox (for PC & Mac) and it looks fine in Safari for (PC & Mac) – Explorer is the only one with a problem.

I have no idea when this started or if it just started. I Thought it was a plug-in issue but turning off all the plug-ins did not solve the problem. I also updated to a newer blog version (WP 2.3.1) which did nothing to fix it either. I am totally lost as to what could cause it. I even went through the spam plug-in to see if it caught something that might have done it… I couldn’t see anything but that doesn’t rule it out.

Sorry everyone, you’ll have to use FireFox or Safari till it gets worked out!

2 thoughts on “Trouble with Internet Explorer (again!)

  1. Steve, you must have fixed your problem. I just logged on in Enternet Explorer and it looks fine.
    Love ya, Mom

  2. IE is rigid and unforgiving. It leaves no room for error unlike other browser engines. Another glaring example of MS’s shortcomings. Long live Firefox!

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