Boil Boil Toil and Trouble – has a new meaning?

Well, I had one of the most fun weeks ever! Okay that is not true. I found out that last Friday October 12th I had a boil. By the time Monday rolled around I had a boil the size of a green grape in my arm pit and I broke out in hives because (stupid me) forgot I was allergic to large doses of Zinc.

So I went to the doctor on Monday and that was oh so fun having a boil under my arm get cut open so they could let the puss and blood ooze out. The doctor told me the numbing shots wouldn’t do much good because when there is that much infection in the area it counteracts the numbing process. She was absolutely right! It hurt like crazy! Then she flushed out the area after getting all the junk out and then packed it with some gauze. A long piece of gauze that looks like a very thick candle wick. Each day I was to pull out 1/2 inch of gauze and clean the area like normal.

I have pictures so if you don’t want to be groused out don’t click on them.

Here is my underarm with the gauze cord sticking out a little bit the day after (Tuesday). I still have hives which you can see in some of the pictures.
candle wick

Now here it is after pulling out the required 1/2 inch. Not pretty!
candle wick out

Here is my bug bite or boil. I could not tell and the doctor said it was a bug bite. You can see lots of red dots everywhere – those are hives. At several times I was 80% covered in hives and they forms large plates over my body of itchy pain!
bug bite?

And here I am after getting my new camera on Wednesday – still covered in hives and waiting to go to the pharmacy to get something to stop the itch. I haven’t shaved since Saturday so it was driving me crazy too. But if I shaved I would have broke out all over my neck and that would have been worse.
sick Steve

So I haven’t felt like doing much this week except for scratch at myself like a dog with fleas.

The boil under my armpit has completely healed over (the last of the “wick” came out Friday morning). The bug bit on my leg is doing better – I guess. And the boils on my scalp are starting to go away – finally. The sad thing is – there is nothing I could have done to prevent them from happening. I just hope this is my only bout with them.

2 thoughts on “Boil Boil Toil and Trouble – has a new meaning?

  1. 👿

    you might have got yourself in deep trouble dude.. medical specialist could not explain that cause that thing on your armpit is a vood doo thing.. you gotta consult some witch doctors or what..

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