New card, ready to pay

Saturday I got my replacement check/debit Visa card. I was so relieved. I had a reoccurring bill coming Monday and didn’t know how I was going to pay it. I went through all the “electronic” bills and moved then over to the new card number and I feel much better now. All back to normal.

To celebrate I played on the Wii all afternoon. A little Mario Kart 64, a little Pac Man, a little Donkey Kong, ending up with a little Wii Play. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t play for hours and hours, well okay a couple hours or so. But really I only played Pac Man and Donkey Kong for about 15 minutes each. I’m not very good and so it didn’t last long.

I made it through our six month special at work without being late or leaving early so I earned $180.00; less the 401K and it will be around $130 to $150 but still great just for being on time to work!

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